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Howard Wills

Harnessing the power of prayer and transformational energy for a better reality.


A mystical philosophy advocating for the pursuit of one's true will.

Church of Union

A spiritual community striving to create Heaven on Earth through personal divine connections and holistic principles.


A cautionary tale of spiritual exploration gone awry, blending ancient rites with modern crises.


A sprawling conspiracy theory that claims a battle against a satanic cabal within global elites.

Assembly of the Body of Christ

An enigmatic spiritual community with roots in the Shepherding Movement, marked by its home-based gatherings and stringent leadership.


A nexus for UFO sightings and extraterrestrial contact nestled at the base of Mount Adams.

New Gnostic Society

A spiritual group emphasizing sexual alchemy, lucid dreaming, and doomsday prophecies under the guidance of Samael Aun Weor.

Harmonial Brotherhood

A 19th-century free-love venture that sought to establish a Utopian society in Central America but ended in disaster.


A holistic spiritual community dedicated to global service, enlightenment, and the preservation of Earth.

Shasta Abbey

A serene monastery offering profound Zen Buddhist training and community life in the heart of California.

Atlas Project

A transformative personal development program with a focus on self-exploration and community building.

Oculus Anubis

A mysterious enclave shrouded in speculation and the allure of ancient Egyptian mythology, nestled in the Oregon wilderness.

Liminal Order

A private men-only community aimed at fostering masculinity, wealth, and network-building.

Liminal Works

A transformative journey through faith and identity, fostering spiritual growth and freedom.


A syncretic, mystical path blending monotheism with esoteric practices and a belief in a cosmic Christ spirit.

Shinji Shūmeikai

A spiritual path blending art, nature, and healing for universal harmony.

Gabriel of Urantia

A controversial spiritual leader with apocalyptic predictions and a demanding community lifestyle.


A modern interpretation of ancient wisdom, focusing on the core teachings of Buddhism through meditation and mindfulness.

Profundity Yours

A new age movement with cosmic connections, led by a self-claimed alien channeler.


A movement centered around self-forgiveness and redefining words, marked by its unique use of an "Interdimensional Portal."

Harriët Kroon

A pioneer in lightwork and spiritual healing, anchoring the divine through The Emerald Heart Light and The Mary Magdalene Light.

Keys of Enoch

A spiritual-scientific blueprint for the evolution of human consciousness.

Mercy Culture Church

A movement at the intersection of faith and politics aiming for transformative influence in society.

Straitway Truth

A controversial ministry at the intersection of Hebrew Israelism and Christian fundamentalism, accused of cult-like practices.

Daylife Army

A social media phenomenon turned nightmare: the cult that preyed on the vulnerabilities of the digital age.

Inner Greatness Global

A transformative approach to achieving spiritual enlightenment and emotional freedom through unique awareness techniques.


Harnessing ancestral wisdom and modern science to combat the challenges of modern lifestyles.

Diamond Way Buddhism

A global network of lay Buddhist centers blending ancient wisdom with modern life.

Kaia Ra

A pioneering voice in the Divine Feminine movement, channeling ascended wisdom through The Sophia Code.

Jared Leto

A captivating blend of music and mystique, where devotion meets spectacle on an island retreat.


A spiritual community that aimed for conscious evolution but was marred by controversy and claims of abuse.

Teen Challenge

A global network of faith-based rehabilitation programs offering a path to recovery through Christ.

White Lotus Farms

An embodiment of sustainable living and community engagement through organic farming and artisanal craftsmanship.


A syncretic spiritual community born from the visions of a yogi disciple, blending mysticism with sustainable living.

Manitoba Colony

A reclusive Mennonite community in Bolivia known for its traditional ways and a dark chapter of sexual assault crimes.

Transcendental Meditation

A personalized path to inner peace, clarity, and wellness, taught one-on-one by certified instructors.


A vibrant Jesus movement transforming cities through radical faith and communal living.

Nathan Chasing Horse

A former actor turned alleged cult leader accused of exploiting his status to commit sexual abuse and trafficking.

Pathway Seminars

A journey toward personal growth and leadership development through emotional intelligence and communication skills training.

Objective Personality

A system unveiling the multifaceted nature of human personality through empirical analysis and cognitive functions.

Law of One

A spiritual philosophy detailing universal truths channeled from a higher consciousness.


A shadowy network involved in international criminal activities targeting minors through digital platforms.

Kalana Limkin

A convergence of neo-Nazi ideology and child exploitation.

Herman Siu

A modern mentor merging ancient Shaolin wisdom with personal transformation techniques.


A mystical philosophy seeking universal truths through intuition and meditation.


A spiritual movement seeking to unlock the intellectual connection to the spiritual world.

John Volken Academy

Transforming lives through a holistic recovery program that addresses substance abuse and personal development.


A far-right Christian ethno-nationalist group in the Philippines, known for its paramilitary activities and cult-like characteristics.

Shiloh (Frank Sandford)

A once-globally influential religious commune, veiled in controversy and led by a man who claimed direct communication with God.

GD Blankenship

A controversial figure stirring cult fears and legal troubles across states.

Drenthe Hermits

An online religious community led by a man who completely isolated and abused his children for almost a decade.

Church of God (Restoration)

A controversial Christian sect with a focus on eschatology, plain dress, and a history of divisive beliefs and practices.

Soldiers of Christ

A religious group implicated in the brutal murder and alleged cult activities that have unsettled the Korean American community in Georgia.


A radical experiment in communal living and psychotherapy that aimed to dismantle the nuclear family structure.

Order of Nine Angles

A dark fusion of satanism, neo-Nazism, and occultism striving for societal collapse through radicalized violence.

EldoRa & Siman

Pioneering a transformative journey towards 5D New Earth through Ascension Teachings and Quantum Healing.

Raven Ministries

A passionate evangelical movement dedicated to restoring Biblical evangelism and igniting a revival across nations.


A transmedia universe marred by internal controversy, including allegations of manipulation and plagiarism.

Shambhala Training

A secular meditation program rooted in Tibetan Buddhism aiming to cultivate an enlightened society.

Sakyong Mipham

A Tibetan Buddhist leader embroiled in scandal, leading a community seeking healing and reform.

Yogiraj Siddhanath

A living master promoting the ancient science of Kundalini Kriya Yoga for spiritual transformation.

S. N. Goenka

A transformative meditation practice rooted in ancient traditions, offering a secular approach to spiritual development.


An enigmatic management company accused of blurring the lines between faith and entertainment, drawing influencers into a controversial fold.

Wake Up Warrior

Empowering men to master their personal and professional lives through a unique brotherhood.


A self-styled godman with a controversial past and claims of establishing a sovereign nation.

Alex Batty

A British boy's disappearance leads to a journey of spiritual communes and a mother's cult involvement.

Bios Psychè

A dynamic psychotherapy school with a relational-psychodynamic orientation, recognized by the Italian Ministry of Education.

Romana Didulo

A self-proclaimed monarch with a blend of QAnon conspiracy theories and theosophical elements, leading a movement with controversial decrees and spiritual claims.

Soka Gakkai

A global lay Buddhist network advancing peace, culture, and education through personal transformation and social contribution.


A dynamic workspace company overshadowed by its cult-like culture and leadership hubris.

Society of the Inner Light

A cornerstone of British esoteric tradition, blending mystical practices with magical teachings under the guidance of Dion Fortune.

Youth With a Mission

A global Christian movement dedicated to spreading God's love across cultures and generations.