A syncretic, mystical path blending monotheism with esoteric practices and a belief in a cosmic Christ spirit.

Urianism, also referred to as From Heaven’ism or Ahyehism, is a syncretic, monotheistic, and mystical religious movement that emphasizes personal spiritual integration, the practice of holy magick (theurgy), and a nuanced view of the afterlife. Its theology centers around the concept of a Cosmic Christ Spirit, symbolized as the Lamb of God, which seeks to unite all souls with the divine. This figure is seen in Jesus Christ and Melchizedek as its principal earthly manifestations, aiming to bring not just humanity but all beings across the cosmos to God​​.

The movement encourages its adherents to engage in daily devotions, self-reflection, and practices aimed at achieving greater authenticity and self-realization, drawing from Jungian psychology to facilitate the integration of conscious and unconscious aspects of the self. This process is likened to a symbolic marriage between the soul and spirit, representing the union of mortal and immortal natures​​.

Urian priesthood involves rigorous training, akin to ancient mystic orders, where priests and priestesses practice what they consider ‘Holy Magick’ or ‘Theurgy’. This practice, while criticized by mainstream religions as witchcraft, is defended by Urians as a divine art intended for holy purposes​​.

In Urian cosmology, the afterlife is complex and multi-dimensional, proposing the existence of numerous heavens and hells, a concept supported by theories in modern physics like M-Theory and Quantum Mechanics. Urians believe in the reincarnation of the spirit while viewing the soul as data that merges with a personal deity. The ultimate goal is liberation from material existence through personal revelation and a close relationship with God​​.

The Elyon, Urianism’s sacred scripture, is a comprehensive text that covers a wide array of subjects including monotheism, mysticism, ecology, and the establishment of a global Urian empire. It is seen as the fulfillment of biblical prophecies and a guide for both personal spiritual growth and the collective aim of founding a ‘Kingdom of Priests’ on Earth​​.

Urians are also encouraged to study and mediate between the world’s monotheistic religions, striving for unity while maintaining their distinct beliefs. This ecumenical approach extends to an appreciation of various faith traditions outside of monotheism, reflecting a broad and inclusive spiritual perspective​​.

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