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Michael Woroniecki

An independent, non-denominational Christian missionary known for his global street preaching and radical teachings.

Jehovah Wanyonyi

A Kenyan self-proclaimed deity whose mysterious life and death captivated followers and skeptics alike.

West Memphis Three

A notorious case that questioned the American justice system, spotlighting the conviction and eventual release of three teenagers in a controversial murder case.

Wolves of Vinland

A controversial Norse neopagan group embracing a blend of mythology and identity politics.


A controversial Norse neo-pagan sect entangled with extreme ideologies and political ambitions.


A syncretic salvationist Chinese faith blending elements from major world religions with a focus on universal salvation.

Marcus Wesson

An incestuous patriarch who formed his own cult, intertwining bizarre religious beliefs with extreme abuse and control.


A spiritual community in Virginia, surrounded by controversy and allegations against its founder.

Yogmaya Neupane

A revolutionary religious leader, poet, and women's rights activist from Nepal, remembered for her radical stance against social injustices.

Word of Faith Movement

A controversial Christian movement advocating prosperity, health, and the power of positive confession.

White Brotherhood (Ukraine)

An apocalyptic cult from Ukraine, notorious for its dramatic end-of-the-world predictions and extreme practices.

Westcity Bible Baptist Church (Logan Robertson)

Westcity Bible Baptist Church, led by Pastor Logan Robertson, has been a subject of significant controversy and media attention, particularly in New Zealand and Australia. Founded by Robertson in 2014 in Auckland, New Zealand, the church is known for its extreme views, particularly on issues of homosexuality and women's rights.


A 2nd-century Christian sect known for their extreme practice of self-castration.


A mystical 16th-century sect influenced by Valentin Weigel's philosophical and theological ideas.

Zwijndrechtse Nieuwlichters

A Dutch Protestant sect of the early 19th century, known for its communal living, pacifism, and rejection of civil government.

Zionites (Germany)

An 18th-century religious sect, marked by apocalyptic visions and a departure from Christian morality.

Zionist Churches

A unique blend of Christian and African traditional beliefs, practiced by millions across Southern Africa.

Vale do Amanhecer

A Brazilian spiritualist community known for its unique blend of Christianity, Spiritism, and indigenous beliefs.

Worldwide Church of God

A religious movement originally known for its unique doctrines and observance of Old Testament practices, undergoing significant theological shifts post-1995.

The Way International

A non-traditional Christian movement known for its unique interpretation of the Bible and emphasis on biblical research and teaching.

Westboro Baptist Church

A controversial religious group known for its extreme views and inflammatory public demonstrations.


A pre-Reformation Christian movement advocating simplicity, poverty, and adherence to the Bible.


A Gnostic Christian movement, characterized by its intricate theology and cosmology, founded by Valentinus in the 2nd century.