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National Labor Federation

A shadowy communist group operating under the guise of worker support, entangled in cult-like secrecy and controversy.

New Gnostic Society

A spiritual group emphasizing sexual alchemy, lucid dreaming, and doomsday prophecies under the guidance of Samael Aun Weor.

Nathan Chasing Horse

A former actor turned alleged cult leader accused of exploiting his status to commit sexual abuse and trafficking.


A self-styled godman with a controversial past and claims of establishing a sovereign nation.

Neo-Celtic Christianity

A revitalization of ancient Christian practices believed to originate from the Celtic tradition.

Non-Church Movement

A distinctive Japanese Christian movement advocating for direct communion with God outside traditional church institutions.

New Forest Coven

A foundational group in modern Wicca, steeped in mystery and alleged wartime magical endeavors.

Novat Kovot

A unique blend of Islamic and Christian beliefs founded by a visionary African king.


A controversial philosophy promising personal and societal transformation through radical free-market principles.

New Thought

Harnessing the power of mind to shape reality and improve life.

New Acropolis

An international organization fostering philosophy, culture, and volunteering as pathways to individual and collective development.


A tragic figure whose prophecies led to the devastating Xhosa Cattle-Killing Movement and famine.

Nation of Islam

An African American movement known for its teachings combining traditional Islam with Black nationalist ideas.

New Forest Shakers

A 19th-century religious movement founded by Mary Ann Girling, known for its communal living and unique worship practices.

New Israelites

A radical Christian sect in the 1790s Vermont, which might have been the precursor to Mormonism

Nazarenes (4th Century)

A Judeo-Christian sect that maintained Jewish laws and customs while accepting Christ's divinity.


A Satanic cult that conducted grave robberies, human sacrifices, and large-scale drug trafficking


A self-improvement organization for the elite masking sexual exploitation and control.

Nuwaubian Nation

A religious movement combining Black nationalism, Egyptology, and UFO theories


An early Christian sect advocating purity and refusing forgiveness to those who lapsed in faith.


A heretical Christian movement in early Christianity, allegedly based on the teachings of Nicolas, one of the first deacons.

Nibiru Cataclysm

A popular doomsday prediction based on the supposed approach of a mysterious planet, Nibiru, towards Earth.

New Testament Church

A controversial Christian denomination with utopian community aspirations, deemed heterodox by the Chinese government.

New Monasticism

A modern Christian movement emphasizing communal living, social justice, and spiritual disciplines inspired by early monastic traditions.

Nazarenes (1st Century)

An early bridge between Judaism and Christianity, embodying the Jewish roots of Christian belief.

Native American Church

A syncretic blend of Native American spiritual traditions and Christianity, centered on the sacramental use of peyote.

Nation of Yahweh

A radical Black Hebrew Israelite group known for its controversial teachings and criminal activities.


An early Gnostic sect known centered around the idea of an androgynous Adam