An enigmatic management company accused of blurring the lines between faith and entertainment, drawing influencers into a controversial fold.

Background and Allegations

7M Films emerged as a point of interest in 2021, when it was incorporated with Robert Shinn listed as CEO. This company, which represents social media stars and TikTok dancers, has been embroiled in controversy, with allegations suggesting it operates as a cult. These claims are partly rooted in its association with the Shekinah Church and the Seven Mountain Mandate—a conservative Christian movement advocating for Christian influence across various societal spheres, including the arts and entertainment​​​​.

The Shekinah Church Connection

The Shekinah Church, described as a “racially and culturally diverse gathering of hope-filled believers,” has faced accusations of being a cult, particularly through its Immersion School of Equipping. This school and the church have been highlighted in viral social media posts and reports as fostering a controlling environment under the guise of Christian-based teachings. The allegations gained significant attention when the family of Miranda Derrick, a TikToker affiliated with 7M Films, publicized their concerns about her sudden change in behavior and lack of communication after joining the group​​.

Legal and Public Controversies

The legal battles and public statements surrounding 7M Films and the Shekinah Church have only added layers to the controversy. A notable lawsuit involved a plaintiff accusing Robert Shinn and the church of exerting undue influence, mind control, and coercive persuasion to divest her of money and property. This case, which spanned over three years with more than 400 court filings, highlighted the alleged manipulative tactics employed by Shinn, although the court ultimately sided with him​​.

The Seven Mountain Mandate

Central to the controversy is the Seven Mountain Mandate, an ideology that advocates for Christian dominion over seven key areas of society, including religion, family, education, government, media, arts, and entertainment. Critics argue that Shinn and the Shekinah Church have manipulated this doctrine for their purposes, creating a cult-like atmosphere within their community. Despite these claims, representatives for Shekinah Church and 7M Films have denied affiliations with the Seven Mountain Mandate, stating that the “M” in 7M stands for “Millennium” rather than any direct link to the mandate​​​​.

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