A holistic spiritual community dedicated to global service, enlightenment, and the preservation of Earth.

Twinray stands as a unique and multifaceted spiritual community, deeply involved in a variety of global service projects, spiritual teachings, and environmental preservation efforts. Founded by Shekinah Ma and Sanandaji, Twinray serves as a beacon for individuals seeking spiritual growth, enlightenment, and ways to contribute positively to the planet and its inhabitants.

The community’s initiatives range from the provision of Blessing Bags filled with essential items to those in need, to extensive involvement in feeding over 2.1 million children globally, in collaboration with organizations like Akshaya Patra and Feeding America. This initiative not only focuses on alleviating immediate needs but also on fostering a sense of kindness and compassion among the members of the Twinray Tribe and the broader community​​.

Twinray’s commitment extends to environmental stewardship, evidenced by their support for “Deep Tech” solutions aimed at water purification and conservation, reflecting a profound respect for Earth’s natural resources. They engage in leading global meditations and land preservation efforts, aiming to heal lands affected by trauma and promote global peace and sustainability​​.

The organization also emphasizes spiritual education through its Twinray Academy, offering courses on a wide range of subjects from energy healing to Golden Age astrology. These teachings aim to bridge ancient spiritual practices with modern science, fostering a holistic understanding of the ascension process and the awakening of the divine human potential​​.

Controversy and skepticism surround Twinray, as highlighted by a report from Oh No Ross and Carrie. The founders, Shekinah Ma and Sanandaji, are described as claiming to offer permanent spiritual bliss, with Sanandaji professing to be an enlightened being and Shekinah Ma, a walk-in from another plane. The report suggests a critical view of their background and the authenticity of their claims, indicating a complex narrative around the community and its leadership​​.

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