Oculus Anubis

A mysterious enclave shrouded in speculation and the allure of ancient Egyptian mythology, nestled in the Oregon wilderness.

The Oculus Anubis, often referred to as the Temple of Oculus Anubis, is an enigmatic site located in Damascus, Oregon, sparking intrigue and speculation among locals and beyond. This property, characterized by its large, black front gate adorned with gold symbols, a statue of the Egyptian goddess Sekhmet, and twin stone pyramids, has been the subject of much fascination and numerous theories regarding its purpose and the activities within its bounds.

Originally linked to Dr. Dean Elton Neal, an eye doctor, and his son, the property has been associated with an elaborate insurance fraud scheme. The construction of the site was reportedly funded through Oculus, a shell corporation, with funds allegedly directed towards building the doctor’s home and his son’s, connected by a heated tunnel. The speculative nature of the site’s purpose ranges from being a mere residence of wealthy Egyptian art collectors to unfounded rumors of it being a center for satanic rituals or a cult gathering spot. It features modern constructions, including a mansion that was never completed, mysterious statues, columns, pyramids, and even tunnels, all contributing to its mystique​​​​​​.

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