Howard Wills

Harnessing the power of prayer and transformational energy for a better reality.

Howard Wills stands out as a distinctive figure in the realm of spiritual healing and personal transformation. With a career spanning over 48 years, Wills has cultivated a unique approach to healing that combines non-denominational prayers, ancestral healing, and the concept of quantum timeline jumping to facilitate profound changes in people’s lives. His work is grounded in the belief that through the power of prayer and the release of negative energies, individuals can experience a quantum leap into a new reality, enhancing their well-being, happiness, and success across various aspects of life.

Howard’s journey into the realm of healing and transformation began at the age of 20, following a spontaneous and life-altering encounter with what he describes as “the Light” during a day at the University of South Carolina. This experience not only permanently shifted his perception but also imbued him with a gift that he has since shared with others around the world. Whether through private sessions, group livestreams, or his participation in events like those organized by Portal to Ascension, Howard has dedicated his life to helping people reconnect with their true selves and tap into the Light for healing and joy.

Those who have worked with Howard, from celebrities to medical professionals, attest to the life-changing impact of his teachings and practices. His approach is said to not only foster personal transformation but also improve relationships and enhance physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual well-being. Howard’s work involves helping individuals remove obstacles and dissipate negative energies that block their paths to achieving a state of health, happiness, and success. Through his prayers and guidance, many have reported feeling lighter, clearer, and more connected to a sense of universal love and joy.

Howard’s non-denominational prayers are a cornerstone of his practice, offering a tool for continued growth and positive transformation. These prayers are designed to support individuals in their journey toward greater consciousness and connection, freely available to anyone seeking to deepen their spiritual practice. Howard Wills’ teachings resonate with a wide audience, from those seeking immediate healing to individuals looking for a deeper understanding of their existence and the universe.

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