Joshua Media Ministries International

A ministry embroiled in controversy, led by a self-proclaimed apostle with claims of divine encounters and miraculous healings.

Joshua Media Ministries International (JMMI), also known as the Kingdom of God Global Church or Kingdom Family Church, is a Christian ministry based in Taylor, Michigan. It is led by David E. Taylor, who styles himself as an “Apostle” and has been a figure of significant controversy. The ministry has been described by several former members as a cult, and Taylor has faced accusations ranging from being a sexual predator to criticisms over his lavish lifestyle and high-profile real estate acquisitions. Taylor, an African-American, has claimed that these accusations are part of a racially motivated social media smear campaign against him​​.

Taylor asserts that his ministerial work has led to numerous miraculous occurrences, such as dismantling drug rings, breaking sex-slave trafficking, healing the blind and deaf, and even raising the dead. He claims to have met Jesus Christ face-to-face and teaches his followers how to share in this experience​​.

Controversies surrounding the ministry are extensive. Former members have accused JMMI of various forms of abuse, including physical, financial, and sexual abuse. Aggressive fundraising quotas, sleep deprivation, welfare fraud, and blackmail are among the allegations. Neighbors and city officials have reported heavy security and surveillance around the church’s properties, and police departments have frequently visited the church’s main office and residential facilities for wellness checks, missing-persons reports, mental health commitments, and a bomb threat in 2017​​.

Gospel singer Vicki Yohe and Taylor’s ex-wife, Tabitha Taylor, have publicly claimed that David E. Taylor exploits his leadership position to engage in sexual relationships with women in the congregation, including those who are married. Yohe’s account details a pattern of lavish gifts during the relationship, followed by threats of revenge porn and curses when the relationship soured​​.

Financially, JMMI has been rated ‘F’ for its lack of transparency by Ministry Watch, which also gave it a donor confidence score of 10 out of 100. This score reflects a range of concerns, from the absence of a publicly available statement of faith consistent with historic Christian creeds to questions about board independence and financial disclosures​​.

The ministry’s real estate transactions have also drawn scrutiny. Plans announced in 2015 to purchase the St. Louis-area Jamestown Mall for redevelopment into a religious complex never materialized, despite claims of substantial financial backing. Other acquisitions include a 10,000 square foot mansion previously owned by rapper Nelly and an $8.3 million estate in Tampa, Florida. These properties have been variously intended for use in drug and alcohol rehabilitation programs or other ministry purposes​​.

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