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Robin D. Bullock

A dynamic Christian figure blending prophecy and music in his ministry.

Raven Ministries

A passionate evangelical movement dedicated to restoring Biblical evangelism and igniting a revival across nations.

Goel Ratzon

A self-proclaimed messiah who led a cult through manipulation and control, resulting in severe crimes against his "wives" and children.

Religion of Humanity

A secular creed founded on positivist principles, aiming for the veneration of humanity itself.

G. G. Rupert

A pioneering Adventist pastor whose theories on British Israelism and the End Times left an indelible mark on 20th-century evangelical thought.

Jean Reynaud

A French philosopher and mining engineer who ventured into spiritual philosophy with his theory on soul transmigration.


A controversial Taiwanese movement blending Buddhism with direct marketing and lavish controversies.

Michael W. Ryan

A grim saga of extremism and brutality under the guise of religious prophecy in rural America.


A spiritual tradition emerging from the bhakti movement, celebrating the teachings of Guru Ravidas.

Reform Mormonism

A progressive and liberal approach to Mormonism emphasizing rational thought, eternal progression, and inclusive beliefs.

John Robins (prophet)

A plebeian prophet of the English Civil War era, known for his radical spiritual expressions and confrontation with the law.

Red Letter Ministries

An apostolic ministry led by Brandon and Rebekah Barthrop, known for its charismatic teachings and media broadcasting.

Rainbow Family

A counter-culture group known for their annual Rainbow Gatherings, advocating peace, love, and harmony, yet facing controversies and environmental concerns.

Roger Crab

A 17th-century English soldier, haberdasher, hermit, and herbal doctor known for his ascetic lifestyle, including Christian vegetarianism.


A Filipino religious movement venerating José Rizal as a divine figure, blending elements of Catholicism with local spiritual beliefs.

Repent Amarillo

A controversial religious group known for its extreme tactics and targeting of various communities under the guise of spiritual warfare.


A radical, anarchic quasi-religious movement of the English Civil War era, known for their antinomian beliefs and opposition to traditional religious and social norms.

Bernhard Rothmann

A theological revolutionary at the heart of the Münster Anabaptist Rebellion.

Julie Rowe

A Mormon clairvoyant associated with Chad Daybell.


A mystical and secretive philosophical order blending elements of esoteric Christianity, alchemy, and metaphysical concepts.

The River Church

A Pentecostal Christian movement known for its charismatic worship and emphasis on the Holy Spirit's gifts.


A religious and political movement from Jamaica blending Christianity, pan-Africanism, and mysticism.

Rajneesh Movement

A spiritual sect characterized by its utopian community and a notorious bioterrorism attack in the U.S.


A UFO religion that believes in extraterrestrial origins of human life, promoting a future of harmony and advanced technology.