New Gnostic Society

A spiritual group emphasizing sexual alchemy, lucid dreaming, and doomsday prophecies under the guidance of Samael Aun Weor.

The New Gnostic Society emerged as a unique spiritual movement, founded on the teachings of Samael Aun Weor. Weor, who possessed a profound belief in his spiritual insights, claimed to remember his own birth and asserted he had discovered the only true path to spiritual development. This path was marked by a distinctive practice within the realm of sexual alchemy, which involved couples engaging in sexual practices without reaching orgasm. The rationale behind this practice was deeply rooted in the belief system of the society, which posited that retaining sexual energy was crucial for spiritual advancement and awakening.

Weor’s teachings also extended into the realms of lucid dreaming and karma, suggesting that individuals could influence their spiritual and physical health through their actions and intentions. Despite his claims of spiritual superiority and promises of resurrection after death, Weor’s own demise in 1977 due to stomach cancer raised questions among followers and critics alike regarding the efficacy and authenticity of his teachings.

The New Gnostic Society not only focused on individual spiritual practices but also harbored apocalyptic beliefs, predicting doomsdays that never came to fruition. These predictions, along with the society’s unique practices, contributed to its classification as an Armageddon cult by some observers.

Members of the society, such as Lynn Short, who spent 17 years within the group, have shared experiences that highlight the profound impact of the society’s teachings on their lives. Short’s journey through various locations, from Portland, Oregon, to international destinations, reflects the widespread appeal and reach of the New Gnostic Society’s doctrines. Her eventual departure from the group, driven by what she described as “spiritualized depression” and disillusionment with unfulfilled prophecies and teachings, sheds light on the complex and challenging nature of life within the society.

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