Harriët Kroon

A pioneer in lightwork and spiritual healing, anchoring the divine through The Emerald Heart Light and The Mary Magdalene Light.

Harriët Kroon is recognized as a prominent figure in the realm of spiritual healing and lightwork, having embarked on her journey as an energy therapist and healer since 2001. Based in the Netherlands, she has played a pivotal role as one of the two “Principal Light Carriers” of The Emerald Heart Light, in addition to being the channel for The Mary Magdalene Light. Her contributions to the field are marked by the establishment of the global Divine Plan Healing School, through which she has developed an effective healing system catering to a diverse clientele across all continents.

Kroon’s approach integrates various modalities including remote healing, online consultations, and the utilization of essence vibrations and Light Jewellery, aiming to enhance the self-healing capacity of individuals. The core of her practice is assisting people in aligning with their unique blueprints, enabling them to find their paths and assert their gentle power confidently. The Emerald Heart Light, a central element in her work, is described as pure infinite love emanating from the Source. This spiritual light is believed to facilitate the dissolution of inner limitations such as fears and negative beliefs, thereby uplifting and empowering individuals.

Additionally, Kroon has introduced the world to The Mary Magdalene Light, a new, pure, feminine spiritual light, further enriching her offerings in the spiritual domain. Her teachings and healing practices are not aligned with any specific religion, ensuring a broad and inclusive reach. The Divine Plan Healing School, under her leadership, offers a variety of services including but not limited to remote consultations, Light Essences, Light Transmissions, and Light Jewellery, each designed to meet the unique needs of those seeking spiritual growth and healing.

Through her blog and other online resources, Kroon shares insights into lightwork, spiritual awakening, and the practical applications of her teachings in daily life. Her commitment to fostering spiritual development and healing is evident in the testimonials of those who have experienced transformation through her guidance.

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