White Lotus Farms

An embodiment of sustainable living and community engagement through organic farming and artisanal craftsmanship.

White Lotus Farms, nestled in Ann Arbor, Michigan, represents a unique convergence of spirituality, agriculture, and artisanal food production. Originating from the aspirations of the Tsogyelgar Buddhist Community, White Lotus Farms has grown organically over more than a decade, embodying the Buddhist principle of Right Livelihood. The community members, leveraging their diverse skills ranging from organic gardening to cheese making, embarked on a journey to live creatively and sustainably. This led to the establishment of White Lotus Bakery, Creamery, and Farming businesses in 2011, starting with a single table at their local farmer’s market and evolving into a significant presence within and beyond Ann Arbor.

The farm offers a wide array of products, including artisan breads made with 100% organic flour, farmstead cheeses, fresh local organic produce, and plant-based skincare products, all crafted with meticulous care and a commitment to ethical practices. Their offerings are a testament to the community’s dedication to quality, sustainability, and the support of local agriculture. Notably, the farm’s efforts have not only resulted in an abundance of goods for the community but have also allowed significant contributions to local charities and support for other farmers, especially during challenging times like the pandemic.

White Lotus Farms stands as a model of community-supported agriculture, inviting patrons to engage directly with the source of their food through its CSA program, which emphasizes flexibility and personal choice in vegetable selection. This approach reflects the farm’s underlying philosophy of deep connection between the land, the food produced, and the people it nourishes. The farm’s operations are an embodiment of the community’s values, promoting a lifestyle that is at once mindful, sustainable, and deeply rooted in the principles of Buddhist teachings.

Throughout its growth, White Lotus Farms has expanded its presence in local farmers markets and made its produce and products available to a broader audience, reflecting its commitment to fostering a sustainable and connected community. The farm’s journey from a simple kitchen garden to a multifaceted agricultural and artisanal enterprise is a story of passion, dedication, and the power of community​​​​.

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