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Ivica Prokić

A mystic and mentor whose legacy is continued through silent gazes.

Jordan B. Peterson

A controversial figure sparking global debate on psychology, culture, and personal responsibility.

Profundity Yours

A new age movement with cosmic connections, led by a self-claimed alien channeler.


Harnessing ancestral wisdom and modern science to combat the challenges of modern lifestyles.

Pathway Seminars

A journey toward personal growth and leadership development through emotional intelligence and communication skills training.

Personal Success Institute

Empowering individuals to realize a life of liberty, purpose, and passion through transformational personal growth tools and seminars.

Promise Keepers

A movement striving for men's spiritual renewal and racial reconciliation within a Christian framework.

Pisgah Home Movement

A pioneering Pentecostal social service endeavor in early 20th century Los Angeles, merging faith healing with charitable works.

Plymouth Brethren

A historically rooted Christian movement emphasizing the Bible's sole authority in faith and practice.


A dynamic Christian movement known for its emphasis on the Holy Spirit's gifts, including speaking in tongues and divine healing.

Lucian Pulvermacher

A Capuchin priest turned antipope, leading a small group to elect him as Pope Pius XIII.

Pilgrims of Arès

A spiritual movement focused on love, forgiveness, and freedom, revealed through Michel Potay's encounters with the divine.

Lou de Palingboer

A charismatic Dutchman who claimed divinity, captivating followers and sparking media frenzy in the mid-20th century.

Profeta Gentileza

A beacon of kindness in Brazil's urban landscape, inspiring cultural and social change through his unique philosophy and street art.

Presents Of God Ministry

A diverse spiritual initiative focused on end-time prophecy fulfillment and Christian living through digital evangelism and global outreach.

Philippine Crucifixions

An intense display of faith through reenactment of Jesus Christ's crucifixion every Good Friday.


A religious reform movement in the 16th and 17th centuries that aimed to "purify" the Church of England of Roman Catholic practices.

Paradise (Park Soon-ja)

A mysterious case of mass death in South Korea, shrouded in allegations of fraud and religious deception.

Palmarian Christian Church

An enigmatic religious movement with claims to be the legitimate successor of the Catholic Church, marked by its own popes and unique doctrines.


An early Christian sect founded in the 4th century, characterized by ascetic practices and dualistic beliefs, ultimately condemned as heretical.

Path of Truth

A controversial religious group led by Victor Hafichuk, known for its unorthodox interpretations of Christian doctrine and digital presence.

Primitive Catholics

A Christian group with distinct practices and beliefs, diverging from mainstream Catholicism.

Polish Brethren

A pioneering nontrinitarian movement advocating for religious tolerance and pacifism during Poland's Golden Age.


A Filipino movement that conducted fierce resistance against American colonial forces in the early 20th century.

Positive Christianity

A religious movement in Nazi Germany that attempted to align Christianity with Nazi ideology


A 4th-century Christian theologian known for his controversial teachings Christological views, which led to the Photinian controversy.

Phineas Priesthood

A radical and violent ideology based on a belief in racial purity and individual acts of anti-government and anti-multicultural violence.

Peculiar People

A Christian denomination known for their Biblical literalism and rejection of medical treatment.

Pana Wave

A Japanese religious group known for its distinctive white garments and apocalyptic beliefs.