EldoRa & Siman

Pioneering a transformative journey towards 5D New Earth through Ascension Teachings and Quantum Healing.

EldoRa & Siman are renowned figures in the realm of spiritual awakening and ascension, offering a broad spectrum of services aimed at facilitating personal transformation and spiritual growth. Their work encompasses a variety of modalities, including quantum healing, activation of spiritual gifts, and guidance towards living in alignment with one’s highest potential.

Background and Services

At the core of their mission is the Ascension University, a comprehensive platform for spiritual education referred to as the New Earth Mystery School (NEMS). This institution provides an ongoing curriculum designed to accelerate participants’ spiritual paths, enabling them to experience the 5D New Earth in their everyday lives. The curriculum is rich with spiritual tools, healings, and knowledge intended to awaken and activate the intuitive gifts of the higher self, thereby transforming daily life​​​​.

EldoRa & Siman’s journey into their current roles was not premeditated. They describe themselves as having been called to their work, having had no initial plans to become galactic shamans, quantum metatronic healers, or earth ascension guides. Their path led them to embody these roles and to share their discoveries and teachings with others. They organize transformational events, including the House of Ra “New Earth Music Festivals,” which are designed to help participants experience 5D frequencies of limitless abundance and human potential​​.

Premium Offerings

Their offerings include a variety of premium services, such as Pleiadean 6D Ka Light Circuitry Activation, Merkaba Repair and Activation, Cord Cutting with Archangel Michael, Merlin 144,000 Excalibur Activation, and a Psychic Protection Masterclass. These services are aimed at facilitating profound personal breakthroughs and miracles, as reported by participants who have experienced significant transformations in their lives as a result of engaging with EldoRa & Siman’s teachings​​​​.

New Earth Music Festival

A notable highlight of their work is the New Earth Music Festival, a cosmic experience that transcends a typical festival. This event combines music, dance, ceremony, and profound healing and transformation, set in a 100% sober and sacred space. The festival features DNA activations, quantum healings, and the tangible presence of angels and ascended masters, aiming to activate participants’ dormant DNA strands and open up 5D crystalline chakras. This results in a quantum leap to higher timelines at warp speed. The festival represents a worldwide movement that has been uniting starseeds and lightworkers since 2020, fostering profound healing, transformation, and the creation of 5D communities based on love, power, wisdom, abundance, harmony, peace, joy, and soul-expansion​​.

Testimonials and Impact

Testimonials from participants underscore the life-changing impact of EldoRa & Siman’s work. Individuals report experiencing rapid spiritual development, heightened spiritual gifts, and profound changes in their lives. The teachings and ceremonies have led to remarkable outcomes, including the manifestation of abundance, the meeting of soulmates, and significant personal and spiritual growth​​. However, they have not been without controversy. Various content creators have taken to platforms like YouTube to scrutinize and challenge the legitimacy of EldoRa & Siman’s work, with accusations ranging from false teachings to cult-like behavior.

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