A vibrant Jesus movement transforming cities through radical faith and communal living.

Openhouse4cities is a dynamic religious movement centered around the teachings and authority of Jesus Christ, characterized by a communal lifestyle and a fervent commitment to spreading the Christian faith across Switzerland, Europe, and globally. Established as more than just a concept, it embodies a way of life that integrates the belief in living out the kingdom of God “here and now.” This movement attracts individuals referred to as “Jesus freaks,” who share a common desire to experience and demonstrate the supernatural aspects of Christianity, including miracles, signs, and wonders.

The core philosophy of Openhouse4cities revolves around simplicity in faith and living, childlike trust in Jesus, radical experiences of the divine, and purity in life. Members of this movement engage in a community-based lifestyle, emphasizing prayer, worship, and the sharing of meals together. This communal living is not an end in itself but serves to facilitate a deeper connection with Jesus and to inspire others to adopt a similar fervent relationship with Him.

The organization’s activities include praying for people everywhere, healing the sick, prophesying, and seeing lives transformed by the power of the Holy Spirit. Openhouse4cities is headquartered in Oftringen, Switzerland, but its influence and activities extend beyond, aiming at transforming cities through the power of Jesus.

Donations and support for Openhouse4cities are channeled towards sustaining and expanding their mission of city transformation and community living. Their outreach and communal activities are designed to inspire others to live out their faith in Jesus in a radical and transformative manner, making the presence of God’s kingdom evident in everyday life​​​​.

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