Order of Nine Angles

A dark fusion of satanism, neo-Nazism, and occultism striving for societal collapse through radicalized violence.

The Order of Nine Angles (ONA or O9A) is an occult group known for blending satanism, neo-Nazism, and various forms of occultism. Established in the United Kingdom during the 1970s, its influence has spread globally, impacting numerous far-right and extremist movements. This organization encourages a pathway of radicalization, leading to violence aimed at undermining Western democracy, through a process known as The Seven Fold Way, which includes stages from Neophyte to Immortal. Affiliates of ONA are found within violent extremist groups, utilizing tactics like entryism and insight roles to infiltrate and influence these groups towards chaos and violence​​.

ONA’s connection to neo-Nazism became prominent after the London nail bombings in 1999, carried out by David Copeland, a neo-Nazi militant inspired by ONA literature. This event highlighted the dangerous intersection of occult practices and far-right extremism within ONA’s ideology​​. David Myatt, identified as a key figure behind ONA, has traversed various extremist ideologies, further complicating the group’s narrative and its impact on global extremism​​.

ONA’s beliefs and practices include a complex blend of satanism, western esotericism, and neo-Nazism. It adheres to the Left-Hand Path, emphasizing the belief in the actual existence of satanic entities and the use of magic to influence human history. The group advocates for the removal of societal “dross” through human sacrifice, either symbolically or literally, and supports pushing individuals out of their comfort zones through “insight roles,” which could involve joining violent or criminal organizations. The ultimate aim is to disrupt the current aeon and restore the ascendancy of western civilization, free from Judeo-Christian influences​​.

ONA’s strategy of radicalization extends into the digital realm, where it utilizes social media and messaging apps like Telegram to spread its influence and recruit new members. The group has been linked to several violent acts and plots, leading to calls for its proscription in the UK and its designation as a terrorist organization by some U.S. lawmakers. Despite this, the group’s decentralized structure and individualized approach to radicalization make it a persistent challenge for authorities​​​​.

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