Michael Protzman (Negative 48)

A fringe QAnon leader who entangled followers in a web of bizarre conspiracies and dangerous practices.

Michael Protzman, also known as Negative 48, was a notable figure within the QAnon conspiracy theory movement. He gained notoriety for his extreme and outlandish interpretations of QAnon lore, including claims that John F. Kennedy and JFK Jr. were still alive and would return to public life. Protzman led his followers to believe in various baseless conspiracies, leveraging social media platforms and public gatherings to spread his messages.

Protzman’s influence extended beyond internet forums; he organized events that drew hundreds of followers, such as a notable gathering in Dallas at Dealey Plaza, where JFK was assassinated. These events often resulted in followers abandoning their families and donating significant sums of money to the cause. Protzman’s teachings included dangerous practices, such as encouraging followers to drink hydrogen peroxide solutions and take “bio pellets” to ward off COVID-19, reflecting the cult-like control he exercised over his followers​​.

His sudden death in a dirt bike accident at the age of 60 did not quell the fervor of his followers. Instead, it spawned new conspiracy theories within the QAnon community, with some refusing to believe in his death and others positing that it was part of a larger plan or that only the “evil” part of him died, leaving a “good” part behind. This reaction underscores the deep-rooted belief in conspiracy theories among his followers and the complex web of narratives that Protzman had woven around himself and his interpretations of QAnon theories​​.

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