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Stella Matutina

A magical order emerging from the Golden Dawn tradition, focusing on occultism and esoteric knowledge.

Jay Shetty

A spiritual journey from monkhood to self-help stardom challenged by controversies.

Self-Realization Fellowship

A bridge between Eastern spirituality and Western culture, blending Kriya Yoga teachings with modern life principles.

Spirit Weavers

A gathering that embodies the celebration of the feminine essence through ancestral practices and connection to nature.

Zhi Gang Sha

A pioneering bridge between Eastern healing traditions and Western medicine, blending ancient wisdom with modern science for holistic health.


A cautionary tale of spiritual exploration gone awry, blending ancient rites with modern crises.

Shasta Abbey

A serene monastery offering profound Zen Buddhist training and community life in the heart of California.

Shinji Shūmeikai

A spiritual path blending art, nature, and healing for universal harmony.


A modern interpretation of ancient wisdom, focusing on the core teachings of Buddhism through meditation and mindfulness.

Straitway Truth

A controversial ministry at the intersection of Hebrew Israelism and Christian fundamentalism, accused of cult-like practices.


A syncretic spiritual community born from the visions of a yogi disciple, blending mysticism with sustainable living.

Herman Siu

A modern mentor merging ancient Shaolin wisdom with personal transformation techniques.

Shiloh (Frank Sandford)

A once-globally influential religious commune, veiled in controversy and led by a man who claimed direct communication with God.

Soldiers of Christ

A religious group implicated in the brutal murder and alleged cult activities that have unsettled the Korean American community in Georgia.


A radical experiment in communal living and psychotherapy that aimed to dismantle the nuclear family structure.

Shambhala Training

A secular meditation program rooted in Tibetan Buddhism aiming to cultivate an enlightened society.

Soka Gakkai

A global lay Buddhist network advancing peace, culture, and education through personal transformation and social contribution.

Society of the Inner Light

A cornerstone of British esoteric tradition, blending mystical practices with magical teachings under the guidance of Dion Fortune.

Sathya Sai Baba

A global spiritual movement stemming from the teachings of an Indian guru acclaimed for miracles and humanitarian work, yet shadowed by controversy.

Shepherding Movement

A controversial Christian leadership approach that emphasized submission and authority within the church.

The Shouters

A dynamic Christian movement embroiled in controversy and persecution within China's strict religious landscape.

Shepherd’s Rod

An American offshoot of the Seventh-day Adventist Church advocating for doctrinal reform and prophetic interpretation.


A modern spiritual organization blending ancient Egyptian practices with contemporary mummification.

South China Church

A banned Evangelical movement in China, marked by its underground status and charismatic practices.


A nineteenth-century movement bridging the material and the spiritual through mediums and séances.

Schwenkfelder Church

A spiritual legacy rooted in the quest for religious freedom and personal communion with God.

Set Free Soldiers

A Christian motorcycle gang with a checkered past of outreach and controversy.

Sullivan Institute

An unconventional psychoanalytic community challenging family norms and embracing free love.

Share International

A spiritual network focusing on global transformation through sharing, justice, and peace.

The Simple Way

A movement fostering community and social justice in urban Philadelphia.

Sect of Skhariya the Jew

A 15th-century Russian religious movement that challenged Orthodox traditions and faced severe persecution.


A medieval Russian sect that challenged the ecclesiastical hierarchy and sought a return to New Testament simplicity.

The Satanic Temple

A non-theistic religious organization advocating for civil liberties, egalitarianism, and social justice using Satanic symbolism and imagery.

Scum of the Earth Church

A non-traditional, inclusive church in Denver, Colorado, reaching out to the marginalized and offering a unique approach to Christian worship.

Soldiers of Heaven

An enigmatic Iraqi Shi'a messianic sect known for its armed insurrection in Najaf and mysterious connections.

Spirit Church (China)

A controversial Chinese religious movement led by a self-proclaimed second incarnation of Christ.


A revolutionary drug rehab program that morphed into a violent and controversial cult.


A 19th-century Russian religious sect that emerged from a schism and viewed itself as the Chosen People.


An early Subud community in Virginia's Shenandoah Valley that aimed to create a utopian society but faced significant challenges.


An 18th-century Russian sect that castrated themselves

Shincheonji Church of Jesus

A controversial Korean new religious movement, often labeled a cult, known for its unique interpretation of Christian doctrine.

Shiloh Youth Revival Centers

A 1970s American Christian movement attracting disaffected youth through communal living and spiritual commitment.

Spirit of Jesus Church

A rapidly growing Christian movement in Japan known for unique practices like vicarious baptism and opposition to traditional Japanese religiosity.


A religious movement founded by Joanna Southcott, claiming prophetic visions and the anticipation of a divine birth.

Sect of Nacozari

A religious group led by a Mexican woman convicted of multiple human sacrifices in devotion to Santa Muerte.

Esajas Stiefel

A German theologian and spiritual dissenter known for his controversial views and opposition to established church doctrines in the early 17th century.

Seventh-Day Adventists

A Christian denomination emphasizing the Sabbath on Saturday and the imminent Second Coming of Christ.

Sherry Shriner

A controversial figure known for her unique blend of Christianity, conspiracy theories, and alien beliefs.

Santo Daime

A Brazilian spiritual movement centered around folk religions and the ritual use of Ayahuasca

Sekta Niebo

An isolated commune in Poland awaiting the end of the world

Sky Kingdom

A Malaysian spiritual commune, led by a self-proclaimed prophet, which taught "all religions are basically the same"

Teal Swan

A contemporary spiritual leader known for her teachings about self-awareness, emotional healing, and spirituality.


A Christian theological movement emphasizing spiritual rebirth and the inner meaning of the Scriptures, based on the visions of Emanuel Swedenborg.


A Russian religious group known for adopting Jewish practices and facing persecution for their beliefs.

John Murray Spear

A 19th-century spiritualist who tried to create a robotic god to bring about a utopia.

Source Family (Father Yod)

A 1970s spiritual group combining mysticism, rock music, and communal living, led by a charismatic figure.


A Christian movement challenging traditional doctrines with a focus on reason and the Bible's humanistic aspects.


A Jewish extremist group known for their stealthy assassinations during the Roman occupation of Judea.


One of America's most successful utopian movements, known for their celibacy, communal living, and distinctive craftsmanship.


An ancient Gnostic sect with mystical beliefs centered around the figure of Seth, Adam's third son in Judeo-Christian tradition.


A modern religion known for its unique cosmology, celebrity followers, and complex legal history.

Sahaja Yoga

A spiritual movement emphasizing meditation and self-realization.