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Dr. Joe Dispenza

A controversial figure in the realm of self-healing and spirituality, blending modern science with ancient wisdom.

Tyler Deaton

A spiritual leader whose controversial beliefs led to a tragic murder within his prayer group.

John de Ruiter

A controversial spiritual leader mesmerizing followers with silent gazes and profound teachings.

Deepak Chopra

A pioneering figure in the New Age movement and alternative medicine, blending ancient wisdom with modern science.

Dayemi Tariqat

A Sufi spiritual community bridging ancient practices with modern philanthropy.


A category of direct sales organizations masquerading as a multitude of marketing firms.


A movement centered around self-forgiveness and redefining words, marked by its unique use of an "Interdimensional Portal."

Daylife Army

A social media phenomenon turned nightmare: the cult that preyed on the vulnerabilities of the digital age.

Diamond Way Buddhism

A global network of lay Buddhist centers blending ancient wisdom with modern life.

Drenthe Hermits

An online religious community led by a man who completely isolated and abused his children for almost a decade.

Romana Didulo

A self-proclaimed monarch with a blend of QAnon conspiracy theories and theosophical elements, leading a movement with controversial decrees and spiritual claims.

Dolores Cannon

A pioneering figure in past-life regression who explored the frontiers of consciousness, extraterrestrial life, and the transformation of Earth.

Dances of Universal Peace

A transformative spiritual practice that unites sacred phrases, music, and movement from global traditions.

Dera Sacha Sauda

A spiritual organization intertwined with controversy and humanitarian efforts.

Dogon Religion

A fusion of cosmology and spirituality, deeply woven into the fabric of African cultural heritage.


A religion of chaos and whimsy centered around the worship of Eris, the Greek goddess of discord.

Divine Light Mission

A mystical path promoting meditation and inner peace, founded in India and gaining popularity in the West during the 1970s.

Dahn Yoga

A controversial practice blending physical exercises and spirituality, with allegations of cult-like behavior.

Dove World Outreach Center

A small Florida congregation known for its vehement anti-Islamic and anti-gay positions, leading to global controversy and widespread condemnation.


A Late Middle Ages religious sect known for challenging ecclesiastical hierarchy and advocating for an egalitarian society.

Destiny Church (New Zealand)

A controversial New Zealand church movement advocating strong patriarchal leadership and prosperity theology, led by Bishop Brian Tamaki.

Dunkard Brethren

A Conservative Anabaptist denomination characterized by a commitment to simplicity, nonconformity, and the practice of adult baptism.

Dami Mission

A South Korean cult whose leader used a false apocalyptic prediction to defraud his followers out of millions of dollars.

Devra West

A new age guru with a controversial history of financial misconduct and alleged abuses.


A pacifist Christian sect known for radical protests and a distinctive culture developed from their separation from mainstream society.

Divine Truth

A spiritual movement led by a self-proclaimed reincarnation of Jesus, promoting a unique interpretation of divine love and emotional healing.

Chad and Lori Daybell

A Mormon author and clairvoyant associated with a series of mysterious deaths and apocalyptic beliefs.