A shadowy network involved in international criminal activities targeting minors through digital platforms.

The Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) has identified a group known as 764, characterized as an international Satanist pedophile cult, operating through digital mediums to exploit minors. The revelation of this cult’s activities followed the arrest of a 23-year-old in Queens, New York, on charges unrelated to the group’s primary activities. This arrest unveiled the disturbing extent of 764’s operations, which involve targeting children aged between eight and 17 years, particularly those who are of color, identify as LGBTQ+, or struggle with mental health issues. The group’s modus operandi includes using popular online platforms such as Roblox, Discord, and Twitch, alongside curated playlists on SoundCloud, to engage with and exploit their targets.

764 is an offshoot of the Order of Nine Angles (O9A), a group previously designated as a terrorist organization by American authorities for its blend of Hitler worship, Satanism, and Wiccan beliefs. The cult’s ideology pushes for the destruction of society from within, advocating for members to commit acts of violence, sexual assault, murder, and terrorism to accelerate the collapse of Western civilization.

The network spans globally, with thousands of participants, including hundreds of highly active members concentrated in countries like the U.K. and Germany. These individuals are responsible for generating and distributing a significant portion of the group’s child pornography and gore-related content. The FBI’s investigation into 764 and its affiliates underscores the critical threat posed by such groups, which use the anonymity and reach of the internet to perpetrate their crimes across international borders​​​​​​.

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