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Hellfire Club

An 18th-century bastion of the elite indulging in debauchery and mockery of religious norms under the guise of a gentleman's club.

Bobby Hemmitt

A recognized figure in the realms of esoteric knowledge, metaphysics, and the occult.

House of Cadifor

An Australian sex cult entwined with BDSM practices, led by a self-styled patriarch charged with severe allegations.

Holdeman Mennonites

A distinct Anabaptist community emphasizing separation from the world and strict adherence to biblical teachings.

Human Design

A revolutionary self-discovery system that combines ancient wisdom with modern science.

Howard Wills

Harnessing the power of prayer and transformational energy for a better reality.

Harmonial Brotherhood

A 19th-century free-love venture that sought to establish a Utopian society in Central America but ended in disaster.

How Many Cults Exist in America?

In the United States of America, where freedom of belief and expression are deeply enshrined, there exists a more obscure and often misunderstood phenomenon: the existence of cults. Cults, as defined by sociologists and psychologists, are groups that often exhibit extreme devotion to a single cause or leader, with beliefs or practices that deviate markedly…

Hikari no Wa

A spiritual reformation movement advocating for a new understanding of religious philosophy and equality among all beings.

House of Judah

A tragic tale of faith gone awry, marked by severe discipline and a quest for purity.

Hare Krishnas

A vibrant spiritual movement rooted in ancient Hindu practices aiming to connect its followers with divine consciousness through devotional service.


A theological stance emphasizing divine predestination and the limited role of human agency in salvation.

Hillsong Church

A charismatic Christian megachurch with a global reach and a strong emphasis on contemporary worship music.

Harris Movement

A monumental shift toward Christianity in West Africa sparked by a Liberian prophet's vision.


A historic figure who claimed prophethood among the Berber Ghomara, sparking a unique religious movement in 10th-century Morocco.

Benny Hinn

A charismatic televangelist known for his faith healing services and prosperity gospel teachings.


A philosophical movement that redefines reality through the lens of mathematical idealism.

Homestead Heritage

A self-sustaining intentional Christian community known for its agrarian lifestyle, craftsmanship, and rich educational culture.

Harun Yahya

A controversial figure blending Islamic creationism with a lavish lifestyle and a global reach.


An Anabaptist group living communally in North America, tracing their roots to the 16th-century Radical Reformation in Europe.


A modern spiritual path rooted in the ancient traditions of Germanic peoples, embracing polytheism and nature reverence.

The Hearts Center

A spiritual community embracing global enlightenment through ascended masters.


A militant group preparing for an apocalyptic battle with the forces of the Antichrist.


A medieval monastic movement embracing humility, labor, and strict adherence to Benedictine principles.

House of David

A charismatic community known for its unique blend of religion, sportsmanship, and entertainment.

Home, Washington

A pioneering experiment in anarchist living and free thought at the turn of the 20th century.

Home of Truth

A desert utopia awaiting the end of days, guided by spiritualist beliefs in communication with the dead.

Holy Spirit Movement

A spiritual rebellion and military effort led by a Ugandan prophetess aiming for national purification.

Holy City

A California-based commune marked by its founder's white supremacist teachings and a claim to divine instruction.

House of Yahweh

A controversial sect with apocalyptic prophecies and a strict adherence to Old Testament laws.

House of Aaron

A Christian-based religious community emphasizing the restoration of the biblical priesthood of Aaron, with distinctive practices blending Mormon and Christian beliefs.

Ho No Hana

A Japanese cult infamous for its foot-reading scams under the guise of spiritual healing.

Hermetic Qabalah

A mystical and esoteric tradition blending ancient Jewish Kabbalah with Western occult and esoteric beliefs.

Heaven’s Gate

A UFO religious cult known for its mass suicide in 1997, believing it would lead them to an extraterrestrial salvation.

Harmony Society

A 19th-century Christian communal society known for its successful economic enterprises and commitment to celibacy.

Hopedale Community

A pioneering experiment in Practical Christianity and utopian living, rooted in abolitionism, temperance, and gender equality.

Harold Camping

An apocalyptic broadcaster who predicted the end times, captivating and alarming a global audience.