Wake Up Warrior

Empowering men to master their personal and professional lives through a unique brotherhood.

Wake Up Warrior is a movement that originated from the personal transformation and experiences of its founder, Garrett J. White. Following the 2008 banking crisis, White sought to overhaul his life, which led to the creation of Wake Up Warrior in 2012 as a platform aimed at helping men achieve success, balance, and fulfillment across all facets of their lives: physical, spiritual, family, and business​​​​.

Origins and Development

Founded by Garrett J. White in 2012, Wake Up Warrior began as White’s endeavor to escape the fallout of his life’s challenges, particularly after the 2008 financial crisis. It rapidly evolved into a global movement, aimed at offering men a comprehensive framework for personal and professional development, termed the “Warrior’s Way.” This framework encourages men to achieve a balanced and successful life​​.

The Program’s Offerings

Wake Up Warrior provides an array of programs, events, and materials designed to guide men towards a holistic improvement in their lives. The organization offers experiential events, business leadership seminars, fitness and health programs, life coaching sessions, and motivational podcasts. The flagship offering, “Warrior Week,” is an intensive boot camp designed for married businessmen seeking profound life transformations. It encompasses online courses, entry-level, and advanced boot camps that focus on personal and professional growth​​​​.

The Warrior’s Way

The core philosophy of Wake Up Warrior, the “Warrior’s Way,” emphasizes growth and success in four main areas: body, being (spiritual and mental well-being), balance (family and relationships), and business. The program’s challenging and immersive nature is highlighted by its holistic approach, aiming to foster a supportive community among its participants​​​​.

Reception and Impact

Wake Up Warrior has garnered attention for its intensive approach to personal development, with numerous participants attesting to significant life changes as a result of their involvement. It’s specifically tailored for married businessmen, offering them a path to not just professional success but also personal fulfillment and improved family dynamics. Despite its high cost, many find the investment worthwhile, citing transformative experiences and a renewed sense of purpose​​.

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