Members Church of God International

A global Christian congregation known for its distinctive approach to spreading the Gospel and engaging in charitable works.

The Members Church of God International (MCGI), also known as “Ang Dating Daan” (The Old Path), is a Christian religious organization that originated in the Philippines and has grown to have a global presence. Founded by Eli Soriano in 1977, the MCGI is distinguished by its unique doctrinal beliefs, extensive broadcast ministry, and commitment to charitable endeavors.

History and Development

The origins of MCGI trace back to 1928 with the establishment of the Iglesia ng Dios kay Cristo Hesus, Haligi at Suhay ng Katotohanan by Nicolas Antiporda Perez. The church underwent several transformations and schisms, leading to its registration under the name Members Church of God International in 2004 to reflect its expanding international outreach. This change marked the organization’s transition from a local to a global religious entity.

Eli Soriano’s leadership began in 1977 and lasted until his death in 2021, during which the church saw significant expansion in its missionary works and broadcast endeavors. Following Soriano’s tenure, Daniel Razon took over as the current Overall Servant. Under their guidance, MCGI has focused on spreading its teachings through various media channels and engaging in community service.

Beliefs and Practices

MCGI holds unique doctrinal beliefs that set it apart from other Christian denominations. These include the rejection of the traditional doctrine of the Trinity and the emphasis on adult baptism. The church is known for its rigorous approach to biblical literacy and interpretation, with a strong emphasis on evangelism and missionary work.

The organization conducts regular Bible expositions, weekly prayer meetings, and mass baptisms as part of its religious services. These gatherings are integral to the church’s mission to propagate the Gospel and foster spiritual growth among its members.

Broadcast Ministry and Charitable Works

MCGI utilizes a broad range of media outlets to reach a global audience. Its flagship program, “Ang Dating Daan,” is broadcasted on UNTV and other stations worldwide, offering a platform for Soriano and Razon to address biblical questions and issues. The church’s extensive broadcast network includes television and radio programs in multiple languages, aiming to cater to a diverse international community.

Charity is a cornerstone of MCGI’s activities, with numerous initiatives such as medical missions, educational scholarships, and disaster relief operations. These efforts reflect the organization’s commitment to fulfilling its social and spiritual responsibilities.

Global Expansion and Impact

Over the years, MCGI has established a significant presence in various countries, supported by its coordinated centers and affiliates worldwide. The church’s international outreach is facilitated by its adoption of modern technology, allowing it to connect with followers across different continents and cultures.

MCGI’s blend of religious broadcast, evangelical missions, and social service programs underscores its role as a dynamic and influential entity in the religious landscape. Despite facing challenges and controversies, it continues to attract followers with its distinctive approach to Christianity​​​​​​.

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