A nexus for UFO sightings and extraterrestrial contact nestled at the base of Mount Adams.

Located in Trout Lake, Washington, at the base of Mount Adams, Gilliland’s Ranch, also known as Gilliland Ranch, Gilliland’s ECETI Ranch, and Sattva Sanctuary, represents a unique blend of spiritual retreat and UFO investigation center. Established by James Gilliland in 1986, the ranch has become a focal point for individuals seeking enlightenment through direct contact with extraterrestrial intelligence and unexplained natural phenomena. The acronym ECETI stands for Enlightened Contact with ExtraTerrestrial Intelligence, and the ranch operates under the auspices of the Self-Mastery Earth Institute, founded by Gilliland with the purpose of facilitating spiritual growth, healing, and understanding of extraterrestrial phenomena.

The ranch offers a variety of activities and services aimed at personal and spiritual development, including healing and clearing sessions, intuitive readings, bodywork, and workshops on world and personal healing meditation. Additionally, it serves as a gathering place for individuals interested in observing and documenting UFO sightings, which are frequently reported in the area. These observations are part of a broader initiative to explore and understand the nature of unidentified flying objects and their implications for humanity and the planet.

ECETI Ranch has garnered attention not only for its spiritual and healing services but also for the regular “unexplained light shows” and other paranormal phenomena reported by visitors and the ranch’s founder. The ranch’s location near Mount Adams is said to be a hotspot for UFO activity, making it a destination for enthusiasts and researchers of the unexplained from around the world. Through events like Skywatch weekends, the ranch invites guests to witness these phenomena first-hand, offering an immersive experience into the study of extraterrestrial life and its potential interactions with Earth.

The ranch’s approach to extraterrestrial contact is grounded in the principles of peace, understanding, and the betterment of humanity. It emphasizes the importance of establishing positive relationships with otherworldly beings and harnessing new technologies for environmental and health improvements. ECETI Ranch not only represents a site for potential extraterrestrial contact but also embodies a vision for a future where humanity is part of a peaceful and enlightened intergalactic community.

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