A spiritual movement seeking to unlock the intellectual connection to the spiritual world.

Anthroposophy is a spiritual new religious movement initiated in the early 20th century by Rudolf Steiner, an Austrian esotericist. It proposes the existence of an objective, intellectually comprehensible spiritual world that is accessible to human experience. Anthroposophy strives for spiritual discovery through independent thought, transcending sensory experiences. It has roots in German idealism, mystical philosophies, and includes elements considered by many as pseudoscientific, such as clairvoyance and racial evolution theories, as well as the Atlantis myth. Despite the controversies, it also emphasizes Steiner’s anti-racist views and humanistic orientation​​.

Rudolf Steiner, the founder, was originally aligned with the Theosophical Society before diverging due to differences in focus and founding the Anthroposophical Society in 1912. Steiner’s philosophy emphasized the potential for human intellect to connect with spiritual worlds, advocating for a method of spiritual perception beyond the senses. This movement has notably influenced education through Waldorf schools, agriculture via biodynamic farming, and has applications in medicine and the arts​​.

The Anthroposophical Society in America supports and furthers Steiner’s work, focusing on self-development and inspired social engagement. It positions anthroposophy as a discipline of research and a path of knowledge, emphasizing personal growth, service, and social engagement. Steiner’s work has inspired a wide range of initiatives and individuals worldwide, contributing to fields such as education, environmental conservation, and the arts, seeking to offer a holistic, human-centered approach to various aspects of life and society​​.

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