Inner Greatness Global

A transformative approach to achieving spiritual enlightenment and emotional freedom through unique awareness techniques.

Inner Greatness Global (IGG) is a movement founded by Tom Stone, focusing on personal development and spiritual enlightenment through innovative practices. The core of IGG’s philosophy is to help individuals transcend suffering and achieve a state of joy by overcoming false beliefs, emotional pain, and the illusions of separateness. This is accomplished through a variety of proprietary techniques designed to upgrade one’s “inner human software,” enabling participants to live in a continuous state of flow and pure awareness.

Tom Stone’s journey began in 1997 when he experienced a profound awakening to his inner greatness, shifting from the illusion of being an isolated individual to realizing his limitless awareness. Unlike spontaneous awakenings, Stone’s experience came through a specific process that he developed, making such awakenings systematically possible for others. His methods challenge deeply ingrained conditioning but are simple to learn and practice, promising rapid progress towards living in pure awareness and the full expression of one’s inner greatness.

Inner Greatness Global offers a range of programs and practices, collectively referred to as the Freedom Practice. These are designed to remove the real barriers to living in pure awareness, which Stone identifies as ego and residual emotional pain. The organization also employs a technology called the Quantum Energy Optimizer (QEO), based on the principle of wave interference, to reduce suffering from various physical and emotional conditions. This technology inverts the waveforms of stressors like pathogens and toxins, aiding the body’s self-healing process.

Tom Stone envisions a global network of World Wellness Centers utilizing the QEO and Freedom Practice to transform suffering into joy on a large scale. The first of these centers is being beta-tested in Shanghai, China, with plans to expand worldwide, especially in areas with significant air pollution, based on the World Health Organization’s data indicating that 93% of the global population lives in areas with unsafe air pollution levels.

IGG’s mission extends beyond individual transformation to a grander scale of removing the world’s pain and transforming suffering into joy through unique techniques and technologies. Stone and his team are actively seeking partners, employees, and franchisees to join in this worldwide endeavor, offering an unusual work culture where employees engage in the Freedom Practice as part of their daily routine​​​​.

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