Gabriel of Urantia

A controversial spiritual leader with apocalyptic predictions and a demanding community lifestyle.

Gabriel of Urantia, born Tony Delevin, is a self-proclaimed spiritual leader who claims to be the only “Audio Fusion Material Complement” on Earth, a concept suggesting a unique connection with celestial beings. He leads a group that requires members to surrender all personal belongings and finances upon joining. The group, based in southern Arizona, follows teachings heavily influenced by The Urantia Book, along with Delevin’s own writings which he presents as divine revelations.

The group has faced significant controversy, including accusations of severe punishments for members, restricted access to outside medical care leading to preventable deaths, and a hierarchical structure that sees Gabriel and his family living in luxury while members live in poor conditions and engage in hard labor without compensation. Former members have reported a cult-like atmosphere with intensive control over personal life and finances, including the requirement for members to sign over all their possessions to Gabriel and his wife, Niánn.

Educational practices within the group have been criticized for being inadequate, with reports of children not receiving proper schooling until the arrival of a qualified teacher. The group’s practices around health and medicine have also been contentious, with former members claiming that Gabriel’s decisions led to inadequate medical care and, in some instances, death.

Gabriel of Urantia’s apocalyptic predictions include the return of Jesus Christ aboard a “Mothership” spaceship and a belief in an impending planetary evacuation that he and his followers must prepare for. Despite these claims and the group’s controversial practices, Gabriel of Urantia maintains a number of followers who subscribe to his teachings and vision for a spiritually evolved community​​.

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