Liminal Order

A private men-only community aimed at fostering masculinity, wealth, and network-building.

Founded by Jack Murphy, an American manosphere internet personality, writer, and podcast host, the Liminal Order is an exclusive men-only organization. It was established in 2019 with the intent to cultivate “healthy masculinity,” assist members in networking, and build generational wealth. The organization markets itself as a way for men to develop personally and professionally, charging a membership fee of $99 per month. Claiming a membership of 500, the Liminal Order presents itself as a space for men to embrace and enhance their masculinity in various aspects of life​​​​.

Jack Murphy, born John Goldman, is a figure with a background in economics and international affairs, having graduated from George Mason University and the Georgetown School of Foreign Service. His career includes work as a senior consultant for public charter schools in Washington, D.C., where he was involved until controversies related to his writings and online activities led to his departure. Murphy’s writings and podcasts often touch on conservative politics, gender dynamics, and criticisms of feminism, with some of his views being described as aligning with the alt-right, although Murphy has disputed such characterizations​​.

The Liminal Order has been linked to broader discussions and controversies within the manosphere and the alt-right, with Murphy’s work and personal revelations drawing significant attention and criticism. The organization’s focus on combating what it perceives as the negative impacts of radical feminism on society positions it within the larger manosphere community. However, much about the Liminal Order remains shrouded in mystery, and its exact activities, internal culture, and the full scope of its influence are not fully documented in public sources​​​​.

Murphy’s personal life and the controversies surrounding it have also attracted public scrutiny, especially his admission of engaging in activities that starkly contrast with the traditionally masculine image he promotes through the Liminal Order. These revelations have led to debates about hypocrisy within the conservative movement, particularly among those espousing traditional family values while engaging in behaviors that seem to contradict those values​​.

The Liminal Order’s establishment and its aims reflect a particular facet of contemporary socio-political movements in America, where discussions about masculinity, tradition, and the role of men in society are increasingly polarized. Through networking, mentoring, and promoting a certain vision of masculinity, the Liminal Order seeks to carve out a niche for itself among similar organizations that aim to redefine or reclaim traditional masculine roles and values in the face of modern societal changes​​​​​​.

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