Expansions (Stewart & Janet Swerdlow)

A journey into metaphysical exploration and self-discovery led by a controversial duo.

Expansions, founded by Stewart A. Swerdlow and Janet Diane Mourglia-Swerdlow, positions itself as a platform for metaphysical education, health, and healing. Stewart Swerdlow, described as a gifted Hyperspace Intuitive, claims to focus his consciousness beyond time and space to identify foundational mind-patterns that shape individual life experiences. His background includes claims of involvement in the Montauk Project, a supposed government mind-control experiment, which he says enhanced his natural abilities. Stewart’s linguistic proficiency in ten languages and his purported ability to deprogram and determine Illuminati mind-patterns embedded in individuals underscore his role in Expansions. He holds a variety of titles and roles, including Doctor of Alternative Healing and Deprogramming and Grand Prior of Knights Templar-SMOKH, among others​​.

Janet Diane Mourglia-Swerdlow, on the other hand, is celebrated for her ability to communicate directly with the God-Mind and beyond, thanks to her Oversoul Intuitive capabilities. Her unique genetic heritage, combining American Indian and Celtic lines, along with a Magdalene lineage, purportedly allows her to see and hear frequencies across all levels, facilitating access to information within the Oversoul matrix. Her focus is on teaching self-balancing techniques that integrate seamlessly into daily life​​.

Expansions offer a range of services and products, including books, videos, site blogs, and events designed to promote self-growth and discovery. They claim to address all levels of being: body, mind, and soul, offering tools and techniques for overcoming personal issues and achieving self-realization​​​​.

However, Expansions has not been without controversy. Criticism comes from former followers who describe their experiences with the organization as manipulative and financially exploitative. Accusations include the use of neuro-linguistic programming to influence and control individuals, breaking up couples to weaken their resistance, and a focus on extracting money, particularly from wealthier followers. Critics argue that the Swerdlows employ fear tactics, offering costly “services” and bizarre, potentially harmful techniques under the guise of healing and deprogramming. Personal accounts from these former members highlight a pattern of divisive and destructive behavior, casting doubt on the intentions and practices of Stewart and Janet Swerdlow and their Expansions initiative​​.

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