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A spiritual community that aimed for conscious evolution but was marred by controversy and claims of abuse.

EldoRa & Siman

Pioneering a transformative journey towards 5D New Earth through Ascension Teachings and Quantum Healing.

Erhard Seminars Training

A transformative journey through intensive group awareness and self-improvement seminars that reshaped personal development.

Elior Chen

A self-proclaimed rabbi entangled in a harrowing child abuse scandal.

Endtime Ministries

A Pentecostal Christian organization offering eschatological insights and biblical prophecy interpretations.

Endeavor Academy

A spiritual enclave dedicated to enlightenment through "A Course in Miracles."

Elohim City, Oklahoma

A secluded enclave with deep ties to white supremacy and a controversial history of extremism.

Educo (Tony Quinn)

A transformative movement aimed at unlocking human potential through mind technology, amid controversies of influence and control.


A path to spiritual enlightenment through Soul Travel and the discovery of the Light and Sound of God.

Elan Vital

A spiritual organization focused on inner peace and enlightenment, evolving from the teachings of Prem Rawat.

Esoteric Nazism

A fringe ideology combining Nazi doctrines with occult and mystical elements.


A monastic, ascetic Jewish sect from the Second Temple period, known for their meticulous religious observance and association with the Dead Sea Scrolls.

English Adamites

A radical English sect active during the 1640s, characterized by their controversial beliefs and practices, including Antinomianism.

Ephrata Cloister

A unique religious community from the 18th century known for its musical compositions, monastic lifestyle, and architectural significance.

Eva’s Eden

An end-times cat cult believed to harbor divine felines for the apocalypse.

Ethiopian Zion Coptic Church

A distinctive religious movement using cannabis as a sacrament and known for its legal struggles in the pursuit of religious freedom.

Exclusive Brethren

A Christian sect known for their radical separation from the outside world and strict adherence to their own interpretation of the Bible.


A mystical Christian sect, known for their belief in the power of prayer to achieve divine union and the rejection of traditional ecclesiastical structures.


One of the first sects of Christianity, which encouraged members to adhere strictly to Jewish law and rejected the divinity of Jesus.

Eastern Lightning

An apocalyptic Chinese Christian movement known for its aggressive proselytizing and clashes with the government.