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John Volken Academy

Transforming lives through a holistic recovery program that addresses substance abuse and personal development.

Joel’s Horsemen

A Christian motorcycle group established for spreading the gospel, fulfilling biblical prophecies, and showcasing the power of faith on wheels.

Jews for Jesus

A movement intertwining Jewish heritage with Christian faith, centered on Jesus as the Messiah.

Rick Joyner

A pivotal figure in modern Christian prophecy and an advocate for cultural influence through faith.

Jesus People

A countercultural Christian movement rooted in the late 1960s' hippie culture, emphasizing a return to New Testament Christianity.


A prophetic movement built on apocalyptic visions, leading to the construction of an iconic tower.

Jesus Family (Chinese Sect)

A Chinese Pentecostal communal church that challenged traditional norms and faced severe persecution post-1949.


A theological movement from the 4th century, challenging asceticism and advocating for the equality of marriage and celibacy in the Christian faith.

Jumper (Maximist) Molakans

A radical offshoot of Russian Spiritual Christians known for ecstatic worship practices and fervent apocalyptic beliefs.


A medieval millenarian movement predicting a new age of the Holy Spirit

Jews of York

A medieval Jewish community that committed mass suicide to avoid anti-Semitic violence.

Jewish Defense League

A radical organization with a legacy of violence in the name of Jewish nationalism and self-defense.

Jesus Christians

A radical Christian group known for their extreme altruism and controversial actions, including donating kidneys to strangers.

Jesus Army

A radical Christian movement known for its communal living, outreach to the marginalized, and a troubling legacy of abuse allegations.

Jehovah’s Witnesses

A global Christian denomination known for its door-to-door evangelism and unique interpretations of the Bible.

John Colenso

A controversial bishop whose views on Biblical inerrancy and Zulu rights challenged Victorian England's religious and colonial norms.