Kaia Ra

A pioneering voice in the Divine Feminine movement, channeling ascended wisdom through The Sophia Code.

Kaia Ra is the author of “The Sophia Code,” a spiritual text that has captivated readers worldwide with its unique blend of divine feminine teachings and ascended master communications. Her work marks a significant contribution to the Divine Feminine movement, emphasizing sovereignty, spiritual empowerment, and a deep connection with the Divine Mother, Sophia, and the Ascended Masters of The Sophia Dragon Tribe®. Kaia Ra’s journey into this role was shaped by her survival of extreme adversities, including child rape trafficking and near-death experiences, which she transcended with the guidance of ascended masters and her profound spiritual insights.

In 2018, Kaia Ra established The Sophia Code Foundation, a non-profit organization dedicated to spiritual education and healing. This initiative also aims to create a Divine Feminine temple site and a Magdalene healing center for survivors of rape, illustrating her commitment to healing and empowerment on both personal and collective levels. Kaia Ra’s leadership extends to the creation of an international ministry alongside Sophia Circle Leaders®, who are certified to facilitate transformative journeys through “The Sophia Code.”

“The Sophia Code” itself is a modern sacred text that was channeled directly from the Divine Mother, Sophia, and the Ascended Masters. Described as a living transmission, the book offers revelations intended to activate the reader’s divine genome, guide them towards embodying their Higher Self, and understand their role as Lightworkers in humanity’s awakening. It is structured into sections that introduce the reader to the Divine Mother Sophia, the cosmology of The Sophia Code, and specific Ascended Master Keycodes, each playing a crucial role in the reader’s spiritual journey and empowerment​​​​.

Kaia Ra’s work is not limited to her writings; she also designs and channels ascension technology through fine art, jewelry, and lifestyle products that support individuals on their spiritual path. Through her teachings, curriculums, and the monthly Heaven on Earth Prayer Collective, she continues to guide a global audience towards awakening their sovereign divinity and embracing their magnificence, in alignment with the Divine Feminine Christ movement​​​​.

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