University of Cosmic Intelligence (Rashad Jamal)

A digital domain for esoteric beliefs and controversial practices under the guidance of Rashad Jamal.

The University of Cosmic Intelligence, led by Rashad Jamal, represents a distinctive blend of digital spiritualism and conspiracy theories, deeply embedded in the fabric of internet culture. This organization, which Rashad Jamal White (preferring to omit his last name) asserts is not a cult but a platform for exploring a variety of scientific, historical, and religious topics, has become the focal point of significant controversy and law enforcement scrutiny.

Background and Beliefs

Rashad Jamal, a Chicago native who relocated to Atlanta to pursue a music career, transitioned from rapper to a self-proclaimed prophet and spiritual guide following the death of George Floyd in 2020. His transformation marked the beginning of the University of Cosmic Intelligence, a digital platform that he used to disseminate his views on esoteric beliefs, polygamy, anti-vaccine conspiracies, and a version of Black nationalism taken to extreme lengths. Jamal’s teachings include bizarre conspiracy theories, such as NBA players being robots and the government fabricating rainbows to control alternate dimensions​​​​.

Controversies and Criminal Charges

The University of Cosmic Intelligence and Jamal have been linked to several criminal activities, including the disappearance of six individuals from St. Louis, among them two young children, who had not been seen for five months as of January 2024. These disappearances have led families and investigators to believe that Jamal’s influence played a significant role in their vanishing. Additionally, Jamal’s followers have been implicated in violent crimes, including murder and the alleged killing of a mother by her son, who had become obsessed with Jamal’s teachings​​​​.

Jamal himself has faced legal issues, having been arrested in 2022 and subsequently convicted of child molestation and cruelty to children in August 2023, following accusations by an ex-girlfriend that he abused her child. This conviction came after a previous conviction for domestic abuse in 2018. Despite these charges, Jamal continues to maintain a significant online following and asserts his innocence, claiming persecution​​.

Operational Model

The University operates primarily online, leveraging social media and its website to reach followers worldwide. It offers videos on a range of topics, alongside a shop selling crystals, soaps, and necklaces. Despite Jamal’s incarceration, his platform continues to attract attention, drawing in those fascinated by his claims of divinity and his radical reinterpretation of spiritual and societal norms​​.

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