Romana Didulo

A self-proclaimed monarch with a blend of QAnon conspiracy theories and theosophical elements, leading a movement with controversial decrees and spiritual claims.

Romana Didulo, born in 1974, is a Canadian figure known for her association with the QAnon movement and for declaring herself as the “Queen of Canada.” Didulo has gained notoriety for promoting a range of conspiracy theories, including those related to the sovereign citizen movement. She asserts her authority by issuing various “decrees” aimed at governments and financial institutions, encouraging her followers to adopt pseudo-legal measures to evade debts and resist public health guidelines. Didulo’s actions have led to legal challenges for some of her followers, with reports of individuals facing foreclosure due to adherence to her directives.

In 2023, Didulo embarked on creating her own currency, which she distributed among her close followers. Despite the lack of legal backing, she encouraged donations to support the production of this currency, promising wealth for Canadians in the future. Her movement is primarily funded through donations, with some followers making significant financial contributions.

Didulo’s influence extends beyond financial matters. She has developed a spiritual ideology that incorporates elements from theosophy and other esoteric beliefs, drawing parallels with historical movements such as the I AM organization and the Church Universal and Triumphant. The use of decrees, a central aspect of her ideology, mirrors practices from these movements, with followers encouraged to engage with and disseminate Didulo’s messages.

Her activities have not been without legal and public controversies. In 2021, Didulo was detained and underwent a psychiatric evaluation after urging her followers to target healthcare workers involved in COVID-19 vaccinations. Additionally, in 2022, an attempt by her followers to perform a citizen’s arrest on police officers in Peterborough, Ontario, led to arrests and public condemnation.

Didulo’s claims to monarchy and her amalgamation of conspiracy theories with spiritual beliefs have positioned her as a unique figure within the Canadian and international QAnon communities. Despite legal and social challenges, she continues to maintain a significant online following and influence​​.

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