Kalana Limkin

A convergence of neo-Nazi ideology and child exploitation.

Kalana Limkin, identified as the founder of a sinister online cult, was arrested by the FBI for orchestrating a network that preyed on minors across national and international boundaries. This cult, known as “Cultist,” is a splinter faction from a group termed “764,” which itself is an offshoot of the satanic anarchist organization “The Order of Nine Angles” (O9A). O9A espouses the belief in societal collapse through criminal acts, including violence, sexual assault, murder, and terrorism, aiming to expedite the downfall of Western civilization.

Limkin’s operation utilized platforms such as Discord and Telegram to disseminate extreme content, including child sexual abuse material (CSAM), to desensitize and manipulate vulnerable youth towards violence and societal discord. The content shared ranged from CSAM to videos showcasing animal cruelty, self-harm, and other forms of extreme violence, all under the guise of accelerating chaos within society.

Limkin was accused of engaging in and facilitating the distribution and possession of child pornography, among other exploitation activities. He allegedly admitted to law enforcement his role in creating the “Cultist” group and was found in possession of numerous exploitation images on his phone during his arrest.

The underlying ideology of Limkin’s group draws heavily from O9A’s disturbing principles, which include “culling” or human sacrifice of those deemed inferior, embracing terrorism, and advocating for violent upheaval to disrupt societal norms. The FBI’s warning highlighted the group’s targeting of youth, particularly LGBTQ+ individuals and racial minorities, using coercion to involve them in self-harm, sex acts, or even suicide, further exploiting these acts for control and extortion.

Limkin’s arrest sheds light on the dark intersections of digital platforms and extremist ideologies, revealing a concerted effort to undermine social fabric through the exploitation and corruption of youth​​​​​​.

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