A 19th-century Russian religious sect that emerged from a schism and viewed itself as the Chosen People.

Origins and Beliefs

Staroizrail, also known as Old Israel, was a religious sect that arose in the 1830s in Russia. It was founded by Perfil Katasonov, a disciple of Abbakum Kopylov, who had earlier established the Postniki (Fasters) sect. This formation was the result of a schism within the Postniki sect.

The adherents of Staroizrail considered themselves to be the Chosen People, tasked with establishing the Kingdom of God on Earth. They perceived their community as a divine selection to fulfill a sacred mission.

Development and Disintegration

Staroizrail gained followers and prominence during the 19th century but faced challenges after the death of its founder, Perfil Katasonov. Following his demise, the sect experienced fragmentation, leading to the formation of various spin-off sects. Among these was New Israel, which became one of the notable offshoots.