The Society for the New Message from God

A spiritual movement centered on the revelations received by Marshall Vian Summers, aiming to prepare humanity for future challenges and interstellar life.

The Society for the New Message from God, established in 1992 by Marshall Vian Summers, operates as an independent religious nonprofit organization. Its core mission is to assist Summers in disseminating the New Message from God globally, ensuring the preservation of its original form, and fostering a community committed to learning and living according to these teachings. This mission is underpinned by a vision of uniting humanity, preserving Earth, safeguarding human freedom, and advancing civilization in anticipation of significant forthcoming changes.

Marshall Vian Summers, who founded The Society, claims to have been selected and prepared by the Angelic Assembly to receive and convey the New Message from God, a comprehensive revelation aimed at guiding humanity during a critical juncture in its evolution. The teachings, which Summers asserts are delivered through his collaboration with a divine source, encompass wisdom from extraterrestrial entities and angelic beings, and are intended to address both earthly concerns and humanity’s place within the broader universe.

The Society’s activities include publishing Summers’ writings, translating the teachings into multiple languages, and hosting events and online forums to engage with the Worldwide Community of the New Message. This community is described as an open, global network of individuals dedicated to studying and embodying the principles laid out in Summers’ revelations. The Society emphasizes the unity and integrity of the New Message, stressing the importance of maintaining a close connection to the Messenger and his appointed successors to ensure the purity and authenticity of the teachings.

Summers’ publications, which span over three decades, articulate a wide-ranging spiritual philosophy. They cover topics such as living with certainty in an uncertain world, understanding humanity’s role within the Greater Community of intelligent life, and preparing for “The Great Waves of change” that lie ahead. Through these works, Summers and The Society aim to awaken the innate spiritual knowledge within individuals, enabling them to discover their unique contributions to the world during times of need and transformation.