Sundari Farm & Gardens

Embarking on a transformative journey of oneness and conscious living in Hawaii

Nestled on the wild southern corner of the Big Island of Hawai’i, Sundari Farm & Gardens emerges as an off-grid farm and intentional community focused on sustainable living, wellness, and artistic expression. This unique establishment thrives amidst the Ohia forest and the vast Pacific, where the volcano meets the undimmed night sky, fostering a lifestyle deeply connected with nature.

The foundation of Sundari Farm & Gardens lies in its commitment to cultivating not just plants, but also human well-being and creative endeavors. The community practices a range of activities together, including food cultivation, dance, yoga, martial arts, and various forms of healing. By fostering an environment of attunement and presence, Sundari offers a living example of its core philosophy: new Earth leadership and a new way of thinking about community coexistence in harmony​​​​​​​​.

Central to its ethos are the principles of mindfulness, embodiment, sobriety, wellness, emotional intelligence, food sovereignty, and a holistic approach to living dubbed “the beauty way.” This residential wellness center is more than just a space; it’s a conscious village that supports individuals on their journey from overwork and disconnection to authenticity, vitality, and connectedness​​.

Sundari Farm & Gardens offers personal retreats, inviting individuals to engage in a range of facilitated and self-guided activities aimed at personal development and spiritual growth. Retreats can include yoga, meditation, psycho-spiritual counseling, and more, tailored to help participants emerge as their best selves. The farm also welcomes larger groups for events such as memorials and weddings, providing a serene backdrop for significant moments​​.

Innovation and pioneering spirit are at the heart of Sundari’s mission. The community seeks to create dynamic templates for a New Earth Culture, emphasizing conscious awareness, embodiment, relationships, and leadership. These efforts are part of a decentralized global community effort, with Sundari Gardens as the experimental residential center. The goal is to document best practices that can be replicated at other New Earth centers worldwide, fostering a global culture of oneness and sustainability​​.

Residents and visitors alike are encouraged to live in alignment with Sundari’s core values, participating in shared meals, local food sourcing, off-grid living, and community activities that cultivate intimacy and connection. The community structure is based on a cohort model with an application process for those wishing to join as residents, contributing their gifts to both the local community and retreat guests​​.

Sundari Farm & Gardens stands as a testament to the possibility of a harmonious blend of sustainable living, wellness, and artistic expression. Through its commitment to these principles, it offers a unique space for individuals and groups to connect with nature, each other, and themselves in profound and transformative ways​​​​​​​​.

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