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Church of God (Restoration)

A controversial Christian sect with a focus on eschatology, plain dress, and a history of divisive beliefs and practices.

“I AM” Activity

A transformative Christian movement founded on messages from ascended masters, promoting spiritual ascension and American nationalism.

Champions for Christ

An evangelical organization intertwining faith and athletics to guide athletes towards a relationship with Jesus Christ.

Challenge Day

A transformative and controversial workshop program aiming to foster empathy and connection among students.


A dynamic Orthodox Jewish Hasidic movement known for its outreach and educational activities worldwide.

Caritas of Birmingham

A controversial Marian devotion center accused of cult-like practices and financial exploitation.

Campus Crusade for Christ

A global interdenominational Christian organization dedicated to evangelism, discipleship, and the establishment of spiritual movements worldwide.

Call of the Shofar

A controversial spiritual development program entangled in debates over cult-like practices.

C3 Church Global

A Christ-centered, Spirit-powered movement expanding globally through vibrant, community-focused congregations.

Christian Tabernacle

A multifaceted church community dedicated to spiritual growth, community outreach, and the holistic well-being of its members.

Conservative Laestadianism

A deeply traditional Christian movement emphasizing repentance and forgiveness within a closely-knit community.

Church of Divine Science

A pioneering New Thought movement emphasizing the omnipresence of God and the power of positive thinking.

Church of Humanity

A beacon of secular spirituality inspired by Comte's vision for a religion of humanity.

Catholic Mariavite Church

A unique Christian movement that champions the ordination of women and liberal theology, standing as a testament to religious innovation and independence.

The Circle of Friends

A shadowy collective intertwining Gnostic teachings with capitalist ventures under the guise of a spiritual elite.

Leopard Society

A secret society of West and Central Africa known for its alleged shape-shifting and ritualistic practices.

Spiritual Rights Foundation

A controversial blend of Christianity, hypnotism, and New Age mysticism led by a figure with a checkered past.

Calvary Chapel

A movement at the crossroads of evangelical tradition and charismatic renewal.

Frederick Lenz

An American spiritual leader who blended Eastern mysticism with Western technology, leaving a controversial legacy.

Reyna Chicas

A charismatic leader at the heart of apocalyptic beliefs and a mass suicide scare in California.

Church of Euthanasia

A radical art project advocating for population control with a stark message: "Save the Planet, Kill Yourself."

Church of Christ (Temple Lot)

A distinct Latter Day Saint movement denomination known for its historic claim to the Temple Lot and rejection of traditional LDS doctrines.

Church of Israel

A religious group known for its controversial doctrines including Kinism, Dominionism, and the serpent seed theory.

Christian Israelite Church

An Adventist movement founded in the 19th century with a focus on the prophetic role of Israel in Christian eschatology and the promise of physical immortality.

Cargo Cults

A fascinating intersection of indigenous belief systems and the impact of colonialism in the Pacific.

Church of Cognizance

A religious organization promoting cannabis as a sacrament and integrating neo-Zoroastrian beliefs.

Arnold Potter

A self-declared Messiah and leader of a schismatic Latter Day Saint sect, known for his extraordinary claims and tragic demise.

Community of Christ

A progressive Christian denomination that evolved from the Latter Day Saint movement, with a strong focus on peace, justice, and community.

Church of the Hammer

A satirical creation misconstrued as a real extremist group, leading to an FBI investigation.

Church of God and Saints in Christ

A unique religious movement, re-establishing ancient Judaic teachings and traditions, emphasizing the observance of the Sabbath and the Ten Commandments.

Church of God (Seventh Day)

A Sabbatarian Adventist denomination emphasizing the observance of Saturday Sabbath, the imminent Second Coming of Christ, and the authority of the Bible in Christian faith and practice.

Cult of the Holy Spirit

A Portuguese religious sub-culture rooted in Christian millenarian mysticism and Azorean Catholic identity.

Cult of Marcos

A religious group venerating the late Philippine President Ferdinand Marcos as a saint.

Crkva Bosanska

A distinct religious group in medieval Bosnia, often mislabeled as heretical but possessing a unique and autonomous Christian tradition.

Community of the Lady of All Nations

A controversial Marian sect excommunicated by the Vatican for its heretical teachings, including the belief in the reincarnation of the Blessed Virgin Mary.

Colt Family

A notorious Australian clan embroiled in a disturbing case of intergenerational incest, neglect, and isolation.


A heretical sect of the 2nd century, associated with the Gnostic Valentinianism and the mystique of the Greek alphabet.

City Harvest Church

A Pentecostal megachurch in Singapore embroiled in financial and leadership controversies.

Church of God of the Abrahamic Faith

A nontrinitarian Christian movement with deep roots in the 19th-century Adventist milieu, known for its unique views on the devil and the nature of Christ.


A powerful 17th-century Scottish religious movement advocating for Presbyterianism and opposing royal and episcopal control.

Church of God International

A nontrinitarian denomination with unique teachings on the Kingdom of God, law and grace, and the nature of mankind.

Church of God General Conference

A nontrinitarian Christian body with roots in 19th-century American revivalism, emphasizing biblical unitarianism and the literal kingdom of God on Earth.

Roger Crab

A 17th-century English soldier, haberdasher, hermit, and herbal doctor known for his ascetic lifestyle, including Christian vegetarianism.


A small but tenacious sect, known for their home-based worship and adherence to the original unstructured methods of the early church.


An obscure early Christian movement that venerated the Virgin Mary in ways that sparked theological controversy and impacted Christian-Muslim dialogue.

Convulsionnaires of Saint-M├ędard

A fervent 18th-century French religious movement marked by extreme physical convulsions and mystic practices, entwined with political undercurrents.

Chen Tao

A UFO cult that believed in salvation through extraterrestrial intervention, gaining international attention in the late 1990s.


An early Christian sect blending Gnostic beliefs with Jewish Christian traditions.


A Gnostic sect known for revering biblical figures traditionally seen as villains, challenging conventional religious narratives.

Catholic Worker Movement

A movement dedicated to social justice through personalism and hospitality, rooted in Catholic teachings and the example of Jesus Christ.

Church of the Universe

A Canadian entheogen religion established in 1969, utilizing marijuana as a sacrament and advocating for a lifestyle rooted in honesty and the Golden Rule.


A radical Christian group advocating for martyrdom and social revolution in 4th-century North Africa.

Concerned Christians

A radical apocalyptic Christian movement from Colorado, known for its extremist views and actions leading up to the millennium.


A historic Scottish military regiment and religious group known for its fervent Presbyterian beliefs and role in British military history.

Christian Kabbalah

A unique blend of Christian theology and Jewish mystical traditions, emerging during the Renaissance era.

Christian Open Door Church

A dynamic Evangelical Charismatic megachurch in France, known for its expansive growth and humanitarian efforts.

Christian Reconstructionism

A fundamentalist Calvinist theonomic movement advocating for the restoration of biblical laws in modern society.

Christian Theosophy

A mystical Christian philosophy seeking direct knowledge of divinity and the universe's origins.

Church at Kaweah

A Christian fundamentalist group with militant and extremist ties, focused on paramilitary training and radical ideologies.

Church at Wells

An American religious group led by former street preachers, embroiled in controversies and considered by some to be a cult.

Christ Embassy

A global ministry with a vision for world evangelization and strong emphasis on miracle services.

Canons Regular

A historical religious order characterized by communal living and adherence to the Rule of St. Augustine.


An eclectic Vietnamese religious movement combining elements of major world religions.