Concerned Christians

An apocalyptic cult started by a former anti-cult activist

Religion: Christianity
Denomination: Nondenominational
Founded: 1980s
Location: United States

The Concerned Christians, formed by Monte Kim Miller in the 1980s in Colorado, originated as a group combatting New Age religious movements and perceived anti-Christian sentiment. Over time, it transformed into an apocalyptic Christian movement aligning with Miller’s millennialist views. The group, now inactive, has been described as a terrorist group and held the belief that all Jews should convert to Christianity.

Miller, born in 1954 in Burlington, Colorado, converted to Christianity influenced by Bill Bright of Campus Crusade for Christ. Without formal theological training, Miller’s beliefs were self-taught, purportedly directly from God. He started Concerned Christians as an anti-cult activist, initially focusing on issues like feminist spirituality and New Age trends within Christianity. His newsletter, “Report from Concerned Christians,” covered these themes extensively.

By the mid-1980s, Miller’s views began diverging from orthodox evangelical doctrines, claiming to have conversations with God. This shift became evident in his newsletters criticizing the World-Faith movement and the Roman Catholic Church. In the 1990s, Miller further isolated himself, beginning a radio program titled “Our Foundation,” which he eventually discontinued after refusing to pay for airtime, claiming divine instruction. Miller’s teachings became increasingly apocalyptic, including prophecies like Denver’s destruction by an earthquake and his role as one of the two witnesses in Revelation 11, destined to be killed and resurrected in Jerusalem.

The Concerned Christians’ doctrines were fundamentalist in nature, focusing on the New Testament, especially the Book of Matthew. Miller emphasized spiritual rebirth leading to eternal life, the importance of meekness, and self-denial. He advocated for humility and discouraged Christians from seeking rulership over worldly governments. Miller’s teachings also included resistance to evil, arguing that true believers should resist Satan, not the evil actions of those without Jesus Christ in their lives. He believed that the transition from Old Testament law to New Testament grace did not allow believers to judge non-believers, emphasizing a non-resistant approach to evil in society.

The group gained notoriety for Miller’s bold claim that America was the domain of Satan and for urging his followers to abandon their homes, jobs, and families to prepare for the Second Coming of Christ. Miller predicted he would be martyred on the streets of Jerusalem, prompting the group to relocate to Israel in anticipation of the millennium.

In a notable event in 1999, between 60 and 80 members of the Concerned Christians vanished from Colorado. They were later found in Israel, where they were arrested and deported by Israeli authorities as part of “Operation Walk on Water.” This operation aimed to protect significant religious sites from extremist Christian groups. The Concerned Christians reportedly traveled to Jerusalem to await the millennium and Christ’s second coming, with fears from Israeli officials that they might attempt to hasten these events through violence.

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