Catch the Fire Ministries

A global Christian movement known for its revivalist teachings and the Toronto Blessing phenomenon.

Catch the Fire Ministries, now known simply as Catch The Fire, represents a global, non-denominational Charismatic Christian ministry with its roots deeply embedded in the revival phenomenon known as the Toronto Blessing. Founded by Pastors John and Carol Arnott, the ministry has grown from a single church meeting near Toronto’s Pearson International Airport to a worldwide network that includes churches, music, books, schools, and events, all centered around the experience of God’s presence and the outpouring of the Holy Spirit​​​​​​.

History and Growth

The origins of Catch The Fire trace back to 1994, during a time when the Arnotts led the Toronto Airport Vineyard Church. A significant event occurred in January of that year, when Randy Clark, a Vineyard pastor, visited and preached, leading to what many describe as an outpouring of the Holy Spirit. This event marked the beginning of the Toronto Blessing, a revival that saw manifestations of the Holy Spirit through laughter, weeping, and other physical expressions of spiritual encounter. The Toronto Blessing garnered international attention, drawing thousands from around the globe to experience it firsthand​​​​.

Following a split from the Vineyard movement in the mid-90s, the church was renamed Toronto Airport Christian Fellowship (TACF) and later initiated Partners in Harvest, a network of like-minded churches. In 2010, the ministry was rebranded as Catch The Fire, reflecting its commitment to spreading the revival’s “fire” globally. Leadership transitioned to Duncan and Kate Smith in 2015, who continue to lead the ministry with a focus on encountering God’s transforming presence​​​​.

Beliefs and Practices

Central to Catch The Fire’s doctrine is the Toronto Blessing’s legacy, emphasizing encounters with God facilitated through the Holy Spirit. Worship services and revival meetings often feature expressions of “holy laughter,” weeping, physical shaking, and other manifestations attributed to the Holy Spirit’s presence. The ministry believes in the transferability of this anointing, aiming to spread the revival’s fire worldwide. Their teachings encourage deep personal encounters with God, transformative experiences of His love, and the empowerment of individuals for global mission and ministry​​.

Music and Cultural Impact

Catch The Fire Music, an integral part of the ministry, produces worship music that reflects the movement’s core experiences of God’s presence and love. Live albums recorded at conferences and events contribute to the global spread of the Toronto Blessing’s spiritual heritage. Through its music, educational institutions, and international network of churches, Catch The Fire aims to cultivate environments where individuals can experience transformation and renewal in God’s presence​​.

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