Carbon Nation (Nature Boy)

A self-proclaimed messiah leading a movement centered on polygamy, nudity, and liberation.

Eligio Bishop, known as “Nature Boy” and the leader of the “Carbon Nation” cult, has drawn significant attention and controversy. Bishop, who presents himself as “3God” and “Th3 3God,” promoted environmental and social enlightenment and the creation of a community for those seeking to live a holistically pure life in harmony with the environment. However, allegations of despotism and sexual exploitation have marred the group’s reputation, resulting in legal scrutiny and a conviction of Bishop on charges including rape and false imprisonment.

Carbon Nation, which Bishop leads, is characterized by beliefs in veganism, nudism, polygamy, and a peculiar form of sexual education. Members are reportedly required to relinquish their financial information to Bishop as part of their indoctrination into his teachings. Bishop has utilized social media platforms extensively, amassing tens of thousands of followers, to spread his messages, which include a mix of self-help instructions, calls for donations, and music videos. His portrayal as a messianic figure and the “return of the Christ” reflects a complex self-image that blends religious, spiritual, and liberatory themes​​.

While the cult began with a focus on sexual and naturalist themes, it has since evolved, with Bishop’s self-depiction as a divine figure taking center stage. As he elevated himself in the community, former members spoke out with allegations of mental, verbal, and physical abuse, culminating in Bishop’s arrest April 2022 by a tactical team in Georgia.

Trial and Aftermath

During Bishop’s trial, the defense attempted to reframe the narrative, presenting witnesses who claimed the group was not a cult but a tribe, and that any acts of violence were merely performative, intended to garner online attention. However, victims and former members told a different story, detailing harrowing experiences of abuse, manipulation, and fear that characterized their time within the group.

One victim, testified that Bishop raped her and, in an act of revenge, posted nude photos of her online after she attempted to leave the group. Erikka Carroll, a former member, characterized the group as a cult, recounting mental and verbal abuse that was primarily focused on Bishop. Another victim alleged that Bishop ordered other women to assault her simply because she “made a face” at him.

Several victims also spoke of the extreme control Bishop exerted over their lives, including cutting off contact with the outside world and dictating their sexual relationships. One victim claimed that Bishop raped her for not addressing him as ‘my king,’ highlighting the level of subjugation demanded by Bishop. Two other victims, who were former members, testified that Bishop enforced a rule where women were not permitted to wear shirts and were coerced into having sex with him.

During the trial, the judge scolded Bishop for for exploiting vulnerable individuals and causing them potentially irreparable harm, while Bishop asserted his forgiveness and love for everyone involved. The jury found him guilty on all counts, leading to a life sentence without parole for the rape charge, and an additional combined 10 years for false imprisonment and the electronic transmission charges. The defense has a 30-day window to file a motion for a new trial, which, if pursued, could see Bishop’s case re-enter the legal system for reconsideration.

Bishop’s legal troubles are not limited to the 2022 arrest; he was previously arrested in Hawaii in June 2020 for violating the state’s COVID-19 quarantine order. Their troubled history is also highlighted by their expulsion from at least three Central American countries, which has only added to the scrutiny they face.

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