Commune Media, Inc.

A nexus for personal and societal transformation through online wellness education.

Commune Media, Inc., operating out of Calabasas, California, stands at the forefront of digital wellness and personal growth, offering an expansive library of online courses aimed at fostering both personal well-being and societal progress. At its core, Commune provides a digital platform where individuals can embark on educational journeys across various domains, including yoga and fitness, mindfulness, food and health, sustainability, and civic engagement. The courses are crafted not just for individual learning but for fostering a community of learners who aspire to bring their best selves to the fore​​.

The platform is distinguished by its collaboration with some of the world’s leading teachers and figures in their respective fields. Names such as Deepak Chopra, Marianne Williamson, Adriene Mishler, Sharon Salzberg, Dr. Mark Hyman, and Sadhguru, among others, contribute to a rich catalog of courses that span a broad spectrum of topics. From mindful movement and spirituality to environmental regeneration and social activism, Commune’s offerings are designed to cater to a diverse set of interests and needs​​.

Commune also emphasizes the importance of daily practice and self-care, with a wide range of yoga, meditation, and breathwork classes available to members. This holistic approach aims not only at physical wellness but also at mental and emotional health, offering courses in areas like hypnotherapy for mental health, nutritional guidance, and fitness programs tailored to combat the effects of aging​​.

In addition to its online courses, Commune Media, Inc. fosters a sense of community among its members through access to a private community platform. Here, members can engage with fellow learners, share experiences, and support one another on their respective journeys. The company also runs a podcast, hosted by Jeff Krasno, featuring conversations with thought leaders and experts on a wide range of topics related to health, wellness, and societal issues​​.

Commune’s physical presence is embodied in Commune Topanga, a laboratory for living and learning located in the Santa Monica mountains of California. This space serves as a real-world extension of the Commune philosophy, offering a place for ideas and practices to be explored in a tangible setting​​.

Through its comprehensive approach to wellness education, Commune Media, Inc. seeks to inspire and empower individuals to lead healthier, more connected, and purposeful lives, while also advocating for positive change in society.

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