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A holistic spiritual community dedicated to global service, enlightenment, and the preservation of Earth.

Teen Challenge

A global network of faith-based rehabilitation programs offering a path to recovery through Christ.

Transcendental Meditation

A personalized path to inner peace, clarity, and wellness, taught one-on-one by certified instructors.


A mystical philosophy seeking universal truths through intuition and meditation.


A far-right Christian ethno-nationalist group in the Philippines, known for its paramilitary activities and cult-like characteristics.


A meditation and healing technique aiming to connect with the Creator for emotional and physical well-being.

T. M. Landry

A Louisiana school embroiled in scandal over alleged abuse and college admissions fraud.

Toronto Blessing

A unique spiritual revival marked by ecstatic experiences and miraculous manifestations.


A prophetic Christian movement born from the vision and leadership of Simão Gonçalves Toko, surviving persecution and evolving into a major religious force in Angola.


A blend of ancient shamanic practices and modern movements developed into a mystical and controversial movement by Carlos Castaneda.


A medieval French sect infamous for their radical poverty and controversial practices, excommunicated by Pope Gregory XI.

Tolstoyan Movement

A global, pacifist, and spiritual movement rooted in the philosophies of Russian author Leo Tolstoy, emphasizing non-violence and simple living.

Temple of Set

An esoteric evolution of Satanism advocating self-deification and the exploration of dark magic.

Temple of the Vampire

An international organization advocating vampirism as the next step in human evolution, promoting individualism and self-empowerment.

Twin Flames Universe

A controversial spiritual group promoting intense soulmate connections, marred by allegations of manipulation and identity exploitation.

Theosophical Society

A spiritual movement blending Eastern and Western philosophies to explore the Ageless Wisdom and human transformation.

THC Ministry

A religious organization advocating cannabis as a sacred sacrament and fundamental human right, blending ancient traditions and modern perspectives.

Temple Society

A Christian movement emphasizing individual spiritual temples of God, originating from Germany with a complex history of migration and ideological shifts.

Torsten W.

A leader of a medieval-themed sex circle involved in a mysterious murder-suicide pact involving crossbows.

True Russian Orthodox Church

A controversial splinter group known for its extreme beliefs and apocalyptic predictions, separating from the mainstream Russian Orthodox Church.


A subculture blending punk music and ethos with Islamic identity and expression.

Trickle Creek

A secluded religious community in Canada, known for its conservative lifestyle and separation from mainstream society.

A controversial online platform advocating for Christian polygamy.

Two by Twos

A discreet Christian movement known for its itinerant preachers and simple, unadorned worship style.

Twelve Tribes Communities

A network of religious communities advocating for a return to early Christian values and communal living.

True Jesus Church

A unique Christian denomination emphasizing baptism, speaking in tongues, and Sabbath observance.

Theaurau John Tany

A 17th-century mystical figure known for his apocalyptic prophecies and eccentric behavior.