Twin Flames Universe

A controversial spiritual group promoting intense soulmate connections, marred by allegations of manipulation and identity exploitation.


Twin Flames Universe is an American group founded by Jeff and Shaleia Divine. It gained notoriety for its teachings based on New Age spiritualism about soulmates. The group has faced criticism and been labeled a “self-help and wellness cult.”

Teachings and Practices

The central teaching of Twin Flames Universe is that each individual has a “twin flame,” a variant of a soulmate, which Jeff and Shaleia claim to assign to members. Members are encouraged to pursue these assigned twin flames romantically. This practice led to several issues, including restraining orders and criminal charges for stalking against some members.

The group also promotes a practice called the “mirror exercise,” where individuals are encouraged to introspect and self-blame. Critics, including sociologist Janja Lalich, have described this exercise as a method to break down the self. The group’s views on gender, encompassing concepts of “Divine Masculine” and “Divine Feminine,” have been controversial. They have been accused of pressuring members to conform to assigned gender roles, which some critics likened to a form of conversion therapy.

Controversies and Criticism

Twin Flames Universe has been criticized for its approach to gender identity and its insistence on the binary of divine masculine and feminine roles in relationships. Critics have expressed concern over the group’s influence on members’ gender identities and personal relationships. The conservative organization Focus on the Family has denounced the group for blending New Age beliefs with aspects of the Prosperity Gospel for personal gain.

Media Exposure

Twin Flames Universe became the subject of significant media attention following documentaries like “Desperately Seeking Soulmate: Escaping Twin Flames Universe” (2023) and “Escaping Twin Flames” (2023). These documentaries highlighted allegations of manipulation within the organization, including coercing members to change their gender identities and encouraging stalking behavior.

Response from Twin Flames Universe

In response to these allegations, Twin Flames Universe has maintained that it is founded on love and mutual respect. The group asserts that it does not exert inappropriate control over its members and that they are free to engage with its resources as they see fit.

Current Status

Despite the controversies and criticisms, Twin Flames Universe continues to operate and recruit new members. The group’s activities, primarily conducted online, have sparked debates about the nature of modern cults and the impact of digital platforms in facilitating high-control groups.