Torsten W.

A leader of a medieval-themed sex circle involved in a mysterious murder-suicide pact involving crossbows.

Torsten W., identified in media reports as the central figure in a series of bizarre deaths in Germany, was believed to have led a cult-like group with a focus on medieval folklore and sexual dominance. This case came to light in May 2019 when the bodies of Torsten W., aged 53, and two women were found in a hotel room in Bavaria, each having been killed with crossbow bolts. The deaths were later linked to two additional fatalities.

The group, often referred to as a “medieval sex cult,” is reported to have centered around Torsten W.’s interest in medieval folklore and weaponry. He owned a shop selling medieval-style weapons and flags, offered sword-fighting classes, and was known to have a mannequin dressed in a suggestive and macabre manner in his shop. This fascination with the medieval era extended to his control over the women in the group, whom he allegedly treated as slaves.

The victims found in the Bavarian hotel room included Torsten W. himself, Kerstin E., aged 33, and Farina C., aged 30. Kerstin E. and Torsten W. were found lying in bed hand in hand, each impaled with arrows from a crossbow, while Farina C. lay on the floor with a crossbow bolt in her neck. Two wills found in the room were linked to Torsten W. and Kerstin E. The police treated the case as a “requested killing and suicide,” suggesting that Farina C. first shot the couple and then herself.

Further deepening the mystery, two more deceased women were discovered in the town of Wittingen, in the house of Farina C. These included Gertrud C., a 35-year-old primary school teacher and partner of Farina C., and another unnamed 19-year-old woman. The cause of their deaths was unclear, and no crossbows or arrows were found at this second scene.

Media reports and interviews with acquaintances of the victims painted a picture of psychological manipulation and control exerted by Torsten W. over the women. One couple feared their daughter, who had become withdrawn and depressive after meeting Torsten W. through martial arts classes, was among the victims. Another report from a former landlord of Torsten W. described an environment where women were treated harshly and behaved submissively, echoing the dynamics of a cult.

The motive behind the deaths and the exact nature of the relationships and interactions within this group remained unclear, with ongoing investigations at the time of reporting. The bizarre nature of the case, involving medieval themes, crossbows, and a pattern of dominance and submission, sparked significant media interest and speculation about the activities and beliefs of this group.