Tinker Tailor (Christian sect)

A fringe Christian group in Sydney known for sinless perfectionism and controversial practices.

The Tinker Tailor Christian sect, based in New South Wales, Australia, was a fringe religious group with a notable presence in Sydney. The sect was led by brothers Lindsay and Ronald Grant and was characterized by its belief in sinless perfectionism.

Background and Beliefs

Tinker Tailor was named after an interior decorating company owned by the group. The sect was directed by Del Agnew, who, along with the Grant brothers, propagated the belief in sinless perfectionism. This doctrine posited that it was possible for Christians to achieve a state of sinlessness in their earthly lives.

The group’s teachings and practices, deeply rooted in this belief, led to a number of controversial and, at times, extreme practices. The exact doctrines and rituals of the sect, however, remain relatively obscure due to the secretive nature of the group.

Political Connections

Interestingly, Tinker Tailor had connections to the right wing of the Liberal Party in Australia. These political connections suggest that the group had some influence or involvement in broader societal and political matters, although the specifics of these connections are not widely known.

Controversies and Legal Issues

The Tinker Tailor sect drew significant attention and criticism for its practices. Reports and investigations into the group highlighted various controversial aspects, including allegations of spiritual abuse and manipulation. The leaders were accused of exerting undue control over members, influencing personal and communal aspects of their lives.

One of the notable controversies surrounding the sect involved legal issues. The group faced scrutiny from law enforcement and other agencies due to these allegations. However, specific details of legal actions or outcomes are not extensively documented.