Spring Thibaudeau

A woman embroiled in a doomsday prophecy involving her teenage son and apocalyptic beliefs.

Spring Thibaudeau became a figure of public attention following a series of events that led to her and her brother, Brook Hale, facing charges of custodial interference and conspiracy to commit custodial interference. These charges were connected to the alleged illegal transport of Thibaudeau’s teenage son, Blaze Thibaudeau, out of Arizona, fueled by beliefs pertaining to the apocalypse and the Second Coming of Christ.

Spring Thibaudeau and her brother embarked on a mission with Blaze, motivated by a conviction that he was destined to play a significant role in the forthcoming end times. This belief led them to remove Blaze from his high school without his father’s consent and transport him to Boise, Idaho, as a preliminary step in their journey towards the Canadian mountains, where they anticipated surviving the apocalypse. Their plan was thwarted when they were intercepted attempting to cross into Canada from Alaska, leading to their arrest on warrants from Maricopa County. Blaze was safely returned to his father following these events​​.

The backdrop of Spring Thibaudeau’s actions involves a complex narrative of familial dynamics, religious fervor, and a descent into radical beliefs. Benjamin Thibaudeau, Spring’s husband, provided insights into the escalating religious and apocalyptic focus of Spring and Brook, comparing Spring’s behavior to that of Lori Vallow Daybell, another figure known for her extreme beliefs and criminal actions involving her children and others. This comparison highlighted a disturbing pattern of individuals becoming consumed by doomsday prophecies and taking drastic, illegal actions based on those beliefs​​.

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