A controversial online platform advocating for Christian polygamy.

Religion: Christianity
Denomination: Independent
Founder: Mark Henkel
Founded: 1999
Location: United States
Website: is an independent Christian denomination established in 1999 in the United States by founder Mark Henkel. This organization stands out for its advocacy of Christian polygamy, specifically polygyny, where one man has multiple wives. It operates primarily online, offering a variety of resources aimed at promoting the acceptance and practice of polygamy within Christian communities.

The foundation of’s beliefs rests on the interpretation of the Bible, asserting that it does not explicitly condemn polygamy. The organization highlights that many biblical figures were polygamists and argues that polygamy was a common practice in biblical times. Through articles, online forums, and other resources, seeks to support and guide those interested in exploring polygamous relationships within a Christian framework.

Mark Henkel, the organization’s founder, plays a pivotal role in pushing its agenda into the public sphere. He actively engages in media appearances and debates, presenting arguments in favor of Christian polygamy and seeking to address common misconceptions and criticisms.

However,’s stance on polygamy has sparked significant controversy and opposition, especially from mainstream Christian denominations. Critics challenge the organization’s biblical interpretations and express concerns over the potential for exploitation and abuse within polygamous arrangements. These concerns often revolve around gender dynamics and the potential for power imbalances in polygamous marriages.

In addition to advocacy, provides practical support for its followers. This includes advice for those in or considering polygamous relationships and efforts to foster a community among like-minded individuals. The organization emphasizes a mission of “Bringing Christian Polygamy to the Churches,” aiming to introduce and normalize the concept across various Christian denominations without becoming a new denomination itself. It maintains a cross-denominational, para-church support structure focused solely on the issue of Christian polygamy, steering clear of broader ecumenical goals.

Legal and societal challenges also form a significant part of’s landscape, given the illegality of polygamy in many countries, including the United States. The organization advocates for a shift in societal attitudes and legal frameworks to accommodate and decriminalize consensual polygamous relationships among adults, arguing from a standpoint of religious freedom.

Overview and Mission is an internet-based organization that emerged in the late 1990s, advocating for the acceptance of polygamy within Christian communities. The website and its associated organization were founded by Mark Henkel, who positions himself as a Christian polygamy advocate. The primary mission of is to promote the idea that polygamy, specifically polygyny (one man with multiple wives), is biblically acceptable and should be recognized as a legitimate form of Christian marriage.

Beliefs and Interpretations

The central belief of is that the Bible does not explicitly condemn polygamy and that several prominent biblical figures were polygamists. The organization argues that polygamy was a common practice in biblical times and was never directly prohibited by scripture. They interpret certain passages of the Bible as supportive of polygamous unions, provided that such relationships are based on love, consent, and commitment.

Advocacy and Activities engages in various activities to promote its cause. This includes the publication of articles, the hosting of online forums, and the provision of resources for individuals interested in Christian polygamy. The organization also offers support and advice to those practicing or considering polygamous relationships within a Christian context.

Henkel, as the founder, has been active in media appearances, debates, and discussions, presenting the case for Christian polygamy to a broader audience. He has positioned himself as a voice for what he views as a misunderstood and biblically grounded lifestyle.

Controversy and Criticism

The advocacy of polygamy by has been met with significant controversy and criticism, particularly from mainstream Christian denominations. Critics argue that the organization’s interpretation of the Bible is selective and ignores the broader scriptural context that supports monogamy. There are also concerns regarding the potential for exploitation and abuse in polygamous relationships, particularly in terms of gender dynamics and power imbalances.

Legal and Societal Challenges

In many countries, including the United States, polygamy is illegal, posing a legal challenge for those who wish to practice it openly. navigates these challenges by advocating for a change in societal attitudes and laws, arguing for religious freedom and the decriminalization of consensual polygamous relationships among adults.

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